Diver filming crew for advertising and cinematography

Filming site in winter, we provide equipment and instruct about "Drysuit" for commercial filming in Daugava

The work of divers becomes an exciting and often necessary element for filming and advertising. Dronelab brings a new level to underwater filming, offering reliable and high-quality video and photography at any time of day and year, anywhere. This article will look at how Dronelab's underwater film crew is bringing innovative possibilities to the advertising and cinematography industry, in Netflix quality.

Underwater filming area in winter, when advertising is filmed
At the moment of filming the commercials under water, in the role of a model

Experience and certifications of the diver filming crew

  • Professional photographer's diploma in photography (diploma issued by LR)
  • Digital Underwater Photography Certificate (PADI)
  • Digital Underwater Filming Certificate (PADI)
  • Experience working with the latest cinema cameras such as DJI, RED, Blackmagic, Sony FX3 and Canon EOS C70
  • Work experience in advertisements, reality shows and Netflix movies
  • We have worked as public safety diver on film sets by the waters
  • We have worked as underwater operator in creating famous videos
  • We've been assistants, models, and 'universal assistants', helpful hands wherever needed on set
PADI Underwater Videographer in Latvia
With PADI underwater filming experience

The role of divers in technical filming

Diver filming and underwater videographers give you the opportunity to create exciting and unique footage that would otherwise be difficult to achieve. "Dronelab" offers a special diver filming crew that specializes in technical underwater filming. These divers are trained and equipped with the latest cameras and filming equipment to ensure high quality results.

Underwater filming in the winter, a diver was about to jump into the water

Setting up the technical filming location

"Dronelab" offers not only professional filming of divers, but also helps to set up filming locations for various underwater projects. This includes necessary security measures, placement of filming equipment and other logistical issues. This comprehensive approach ensures an efficient and safe filming process.

Filming area in winter, we are going to shoot commercials in Daugava
We provide equipment and instruct on the use of a "Drysuit" for advertising filming in the Daugava river

"Dronelab" underwater photography and video filming anywhere in Latvia

"Dronelab" stands out for its flexible work schedule, offering underwater filming services at any time of the day and year. This means that companies and filmmakers can take full advantage of the opportunity to capture unique perceptions day and night, regardless of the weather or season. It is possible to film in neighboring countries, Lithuania and Estonia!

Underwater filming area in winter, at the time of filming
Underwater filming site in winter, diver at the time of filming

High quality results and collaboration

Dronelab focuses on achieving high quality results, ensuring that every filming project is done with precision and creativity. The company encourages close collaboration with clients to understand their needs and provide customized solutions that meet specific project requirements.

Underwater filming
Underwater filming guru Walter shows the interesting world

Let's film together with the company "Dronelab"

"Dronelab" offers the opportunity to look under water, offering high quality and innovative underwater filming services for advertising and cinematography. The company's flexible schedule and excellent cooperation opportunities allow customers to realize their creative projects at any time of the day and year. With Dronelab's underwater filming crew, advertising and cinematography take on new and exciting vistas, providing fresh and unforgettable visual experiences.

Work manager – "Dronelab" SIA, phone number tel. 220-77-202, e-mail: mail@dronelab.lv

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