Filming site in winter, we provide equipment and instruct about "Drysuit" for commercial filming in Daugava

Diver filming crew for advertising and cinematography

The work of divers becomes an exciting and often necessary element for filming and advertising. Dronelab brings a new level to underwater filming, offering reliable and high-quality video and photography at any time of day and year, anywhere. This article […]

Is it recommended for women to swim or dive with their periods?

Is it recommended to swim and dive during menstruation?

The subject of swimming and diving during menstruation is often shrouded in various myths and misconceptions. Although half of the planet's population - women - experience menstruation, there is still a lot of silence and ignorance about this topic. Many people wonder about the safety, comfort […]

Communication equipment in underwater works

The use of divers' communication equipment in technical underwater work

I. Underwater technical work and mutual communication Divers are vital to underwater technical work, ensuring communication and safety underwater. In this context, the OTS Buddy Phone is an innovative communication device that improves communication between divers and surface team members through technical […]

Creating a depth map for a lake and a river, the experience of Latvian specialists

The production of accurate depth maps of lakes and rivers with depth curves is very important for various applications such as navigation, hydrological modeling and environmental management. Bathymetry specialists of the company "Dronelab" in Latvia play an important role in the accurate mapping of the depth of these water bodies. In this article created by […]

Underwater search works

Monitoring of the seabed deposit over a period of several years

Monitoring of seabed sediments in the port of Riga: a comprehensive approach to data acquisition. The team of SIA "Dronelab" - divers, bathymetry specialists, underwater drone specialists, work managers and a team of specialists engaged in various underwater works, including monitoring of seabed sediments, contacts Valters Preimanis, tel. […]

Innovative multibeam sonar technology for operations in the Baltic Sea

The Baltic Sea, a rich and diverse marine environment, has a huge potential for research and sustainable resource management, confirms Valters Preimanis, CEO of "Dronelab" SIA. In this era of technological development, the Latvian company is making waves with its innovative offer. Introducing Dronelab, they are […]