Divers carry out cleaning work in municipal and private swimming pools

The role of divers in cleaning municipal and private swimming pools

"Dronelab" SIA, divers play an important role in ensuring clean and safe swimming places in both municipal and private swimming pools. Their work includes:

1. Underwater cleaning

  • Garbage collection: Divers collect sunken debris such as bottles, glass, leaves and twigs.
  • Algae and sediment removal: Divers remove algae and sediment from the walls and bottom of the pool, which can make the water cloudy and unpleasant for swimming.
  • Removal of dangerous goods: Divers can find and remove dangerous objects from the pool, such as sharp pieces of metal or broken glass.

2. Inspection of the swimming pool infrastructure:

  • Damage assessment: Divers can inspect the walls, bottom and structural elements of the pool to assess damage.
  • Carrying out repair work: Divers can perform simple repairs underwater, such as plugging holes or fixing loose structures.

3. Security provision:

  • Carrying out rescue work: Divers can help rescue swimmers in distress.
  • Taking preventive measures: Divers can check the safety features of the swimming pool, such as damaged stairs or railings.

Advantages of divers in cleaning swimming pools:

  • Efficiency: Divers can quickly and efficiently clean large areas of the swimming pool that would be difficult to do manually.
  • Safety: Divers are trained and equipped to safely perform work underwater.
  • Availability: Divers can access hard-to-reach areas where manual cleaning is not possible.

The work of divers is important to ensure clean and safe swimming places in both municipal and private swimming pools. Their professional skills and experience help maintain the hygiene and safety of the swimming pool, allowing swimmers to enjoy a comfortable and pleasant rest.

We perform swimming pool cleaning work quickly and conscientiously

We perform underwater cleaning and tidying work thoroughly, conscientiously, and with a great sense of responsibility.

The pictures show how the company's best divers Valters, Mārtiņš and Jānis, experienced underwater divers in Latvia's less clear waters, participate in the cleaning of the Laidze Lake swimming pool. During the underwater works, 4 m3 of logs and other gravel were excavated so that holidaymakers could enjoy a swim.

  • Underwater waste collection work is usually done by hand
  • We use a tractor to pull large waste out of the underwater environment
  • Bathing areas need to be surveyed every year, as waste can be brought in by the stream and accumulated during the summer season.
  • The underwater part of the bathing area is usually cleaned at the beginning of the season
  • If necessary, we also carry out underwater cutting work
Underwater works in the swimming pool
Underwater works in the swimming pool

Methods of inspection, excavation and cleaning of bathing areas and underwater parts

  • Before cleaning, the underwater part of the bathing areas is inspected, the depth is measured, the survey ropes on which the divers moved were pulled.
  • The entire swimming area, underwater, is carefully searched for using the "snake" or "circus" search method.
  • Divers have learned their search skills in special diving courses, "Search and find", and obtained an international certificate ("PADI Search and recovery"), in the diving club "Daivings.lv"
  • It is necessary to plan and prepare the place where the highlighted waste will be placed in time

Municipal and private bathing areas remain cleaner

Underwater works for municipalities and private swimming pools. Usually, the depth of swimming pools is up to 3 meters, but we have worked at a depth of 30 meters. The area to be cleaned can be as large as 200 m2 and more, because our team can have 8 divers.

  • Glass reading, can and bottle removal
  • Removal of discarded fishing and fishing tackle
  • Harvesting and removal of trees and logs
  • Removal of construction debris and waste from water
  • Disposal of swimming pools, underwater part from household waste

We have worked in cleaning the underwater part of many swimming pools in Latvia

  • In Jelgava, Lielupe swimming pool
  • Laidze on the lake
  • In the reservoirs of Cēsis district
  • In the swimming pools in the city of Jurmala
  • Swimming pools in the city of Riga
  • In the swimming pools in Liepāja district
  • In swimming pools in Ventspils district
  • In the swimming pools in Valmiera district
Underwater works in the city of Jelgava
Underwater works in the city of Jelgava

Our clients are Latvian ports: Liepāja port, Ventspils port, Rīga port, Salacgrīva port, Skulte port, Rojas port.
Latvian companies for which we have performed underwater works: Riga HPP, Latvian Hydrographic Service, Latvian Maritime Administration, Latvian Veneer, Latvian National Library and many others

Apply for bathing cleaning works by phone 220-77-202.