Underwater safety and regular maintenance of equipment

Diving regulator maintenance

Authorized maintenance of diving equipment service is mandatory every year!

Upon receiving the new diver Open Water Diver A certificate diver is often in a hurry to collect their equipment. Usually a student seeks the advice of their instructor and bought new equipment that will serve the diver's entire life. It has been observed that a diver buys second-hand equipment without a clear history of use and service in order to save money. Be especially careful if the breathing regulator is assembled from different parts!

Remember - authorized service is mandatory every year!

Trust, but always check that the equipment has been properly maintained

You can rely on the service of the dive controller if you have it serviced after maintenance You are given a regulator service certificate or used service parts, kits or checks. Poor or no maintenance can lead to fatal consequences. It is not possible to test a used regulator above water, as it must be tested at the pressure under water (or in a special pressure chamber) where it is used.

Based on DAN statistics, up to 10% fatal accidents are directly related to the technical condition of the equipment.

Choose certified equipment service centers and service your equipment regularly, annually, at dealer who have access to original service replacement kits.

Dive controller maintenance technician certificate
Certificate of Diver Regulator Maintenance Technician Valters Preimanis

Protect yourself, be under water with a friend or instructor!

An example from life by instructor Valteram Preimanim says my young diver - “My sister is no longer engaged in diving, because while working as a guide in the Maldives, her air regulator fell at a depth of 30 meters, the air suddenly ran out and she had to make an emergency take-off without stopping. The young woman then went to hospital to treat the barotrauma caused by the caisson disease, and after recovering, she said goodbye to diving forever… ”

It is an experience that you should not trust second-hand equipment unless it has been verified by a professional and experienced service center.

Diving with a friend increases safety

Friends diving is a potentially life-saving practice for divers. Properly implemented, it helps to prevent accidents and avoid possible incidents. Friends' diving begins with sharing a diving plan, getting to know each other's equipment, checking friends before diving, following each other's dives, following the plan, returning to the surface and having a diving interview. Every year, we see many cases illustrating the failure of the friends system, as well as cases where the friends system could not help, despite the proper conduct of both partners.

The help of friends may now be valuable if a friend suddenly has problems with the air supply, but it can also help in other situations. For the help of your friends, friends should stay close to each other and often visually inspect each other. The classic friendship system means that two divers dive together for each other's safety. In a group of three or more divers, we are unlikely to expect the same dedication and attention for the needs of others.

In real life, friends underwater often divorce, but this rarely happens on purpose. Without strict discipline, it is easy to lose sight of a friend. Divorce seems to have become commonplace and friends rarely stop diving and go to the surface to wait there to re-establish contact. Even without separation, one diver can lose consciousness and sink into the depths of his busy friend without noticing it. It is therefore wrong to assume that a friend who is out of sight has intentionally divorced and to continue diving without trying to find him.

More about underwater safety:

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Summary of underwater safety

  • Maintenance of diving equipment service is mandatory every year!
  • We recommend buying a new diving regulator!
  • Before buying a new regulator, find out where you will do the annual maintenance.
  • Buy only new diving equipment, it lasts a long time, the whole diver's life.
  • When performing maintenance on a diving equipment service, check the progress, simply request a certificate or other confirmation.
  • Diving with a friend is the safest way to protect yourself underwater with regularly served equipment.

Where to apply for safe diving in Latvia?

🤿😀 For advice on equipment maintenance or assistance, call a PADI Diver Instructor t. 220-77-202 (Whatsapp 220-77-202). You will find professional advice on safe diving.

It is also possible to order and pay for a diver's training course online, as well as to buy a diving theory book, a diving card subscription for the whole year and to buy a diver's guide if you plan to dive with a friend.