A team of professional divers is carrying out shore strengthening works in Lielupe, Jūrmala

The city of Jurmala, with its unique coastline and landscape, is the pride of Latvia. However, this landscape is constantly changing, subject to great natural forces, and sometimes requires the hand of humans to ensure its sustainable preservation. Team of professional divers (Dronelab SIA divers) is a helping hand, which in the water environment, using special equipment, deals with shore strengthening works on the banks of the Lielupe River, contributing both to the safety of the residents of Jūrmala and to the protection of nature.

Professional divers and work experience

The technical work of divers is a specialized job that requires high diver skills and work experience in construction. The professional divers operating in the city of Jurmala are experienced specialists who have been trained to perform coastal engineering works. Their expertise includes an understanding of hydrogeology and the ability to adapt to different water conditions.

A team of professional divers performs shore strengthening works in Lielupe, Jūrmala (2)

Type and description of works in Lielupe

The Lielupe is an important waterway of Latvia, and its coastline, especially in the territory of Jūrmala, is subject to intense effects of natural forces. The professional diving team is carrying out shore strengthening works to protect this important area from erosion, preventing possible threats to the surrounding environment and infrastructure.

Special equipment for underwater technical work

Special equipment is essential for effective shore strengthening work. Professional divers use special pneumatic and hydraulic tools for water work, which enable accurate and safe work, ensuring both protection against natural forces and sustainable development of the coast.

Underwater hydraulic drill
Underwater hydraulic drill, SIA Dronelab assistant to technical divers underwater.
Underwater communication equipment for divers

Safety standards and environmental protection during underwater work

Shore strengthening works require not only high skills, but also high safety standards. Professional divers ensure work safety by following all necessary safety procedures, and at the same time taking into account aspects of environmental protection to reduce possible negative impacts on nature. The team of professional divers not only solves existing coastal problems, but also participates in sustainable development. Their work serves as an example of how to secure the natural and man-made environment while supporting development that respects nature and water resources.

Divator Interspiro full-face mask for divers' underwater communications equipment

Contribution of divers to the city of Jurmala

The contribution of a team of professional divers in the city of Jūrmala, carrying out shore strengthening works in the Lielupe river basin, is essential in preserving the territory of Latvia. Their skills, professionalism and commitment ensure not only today's safety and sustainable development, but also contribute to future projects that will serve as an investment in the protection of the common environment and the improvement of the quality of human life.

Divator Interspiro full-face mask for divers' underwater communications equipment

Contact Dronelab SIA

Professional underwater work company "Dronelab" SIA, since 2006, has been performing various technical underwater works, which include underwater measurement, pier survey, underwater search, underwater repair and underwater cleaning. It is possible to carry out underwater technical searches (Underwater sonar, underwater ROV, underwater lateral sonar, underwater multi-beam echo sounder, underwater magnetometer and underwater metal detector, bathymetry equipment) and extraction works from water bodies.

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