Master Scuba Diver Course

Master Scuba Diver Course


The highest achievable degree of divers for amateur divers is Master Scuba Diver certificate. Each diver with 50 dives registered Diver Logbook can apply Master Scuba Diver certificate from a PADI instructor. To achieve Master Scuba Diver status of the diver must be Rescue Diver certificate and settled five different divers' specialties.

The path to the Master Scuba Diver certificate starts from Open Water Diver certificate followed by Advanced Open Water Diver certificate and Rescue Diver. Master Scuba Diver is the highest level of amateur diver, team and group leader, advisor.

The next path for a Master Scuba Diver is to build a professional career by gaining Divemaster or Instructor Assistant Certificate.

Learn more about the different scuba diving specialties and certificates on page PADI diving specialties and courses.

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