Deep Diving specialty

The Deep Diving specialty will allow you to gain knowledge on how to safely reach greater depths, as well as discover new places that were previously unattainable with Padi OWD certificate knowledge. Taking Deep Diver courses will allow you to be aware of all the possible risks of divers, plan your time underwater using a diving computer. Deep Dive has a depth of between 18 and 30 meters. During the deep dive course you can learn from the age of 15, during the training you will use a balanced dive controller, a diving computer and do 4 dives in open waters.

Deep Diving specialty required diving equipment

  • Diver equipment set
  • Diving computer or depth gauge, time measuring device and diving tables

Deep Diving takeoff speed

The take-off speed shall not exceed 18 meters per minute, which may be determined by a diving computer or a depth gauge and time measuring device.

Deep Diving specialty

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