Map of shipwrecks in Latvia

Map of Latvian shipwrecks

Schematic map of shipwrecks sunk in the territorial waters of Latvia, compiled from many different seafarers' maps, sonar measurements, scuba divers 'notes, as well as fishermen' s notes and stories. Let's be gentle with the historical maritime heritage that sank in Latvian waters!

This is the most complete schematic map of wrecks on the Internet with more than 200 shipwrecks. If you know of other wrecks that are not marked on this map, please let us know.

Map of shipwrecks in Latvia

Map of Latvian shipwrecks

The map of Latvian wrecks shows the approximate location of previously sunken ships.

How did shipwrecks form?

The story of each sunken ship is different, a large number of ships perished during the First and Second World Wars, in minefields set by opponents, while other ships found their homes in the depths of the storm.

Every shipwreck is associated with the tragedy of sailors and other people, so let us treat this heritage with respect.

The law stipulates that all underwater works in Latvian waters must be coordinated

IX. Coordination of shipwreck research, excavation and other activities to be performed in Latvian waters.

42. A person who wishes to investigate shipwrecks and other property sunk in Latvian waters shall receive a permit from the State Inspection for the Protection of Cultural Monuments. The said permit, after coordination with the Coast Guard, the State Environmental Service and the Maritime Administration, shall be issued only for scientific or archaeological purposes.

43. In order to receive the approval specified in regulatory enactments regarding maritime administration and maritime safety for the extraction of sunken property in Latvian waters, the owner of the sunken property, another public person or private person who has the right to dispose of the relevant property shall submit the following information to the Maritime Administration:

43.1. the coordinates of the location of the sunken property;

43.2. the type of exploration or excavation work and the mechanical or technical aids or vessels involved.