Cressi Atelier is available in Latvia - high quality diving and freediving equipment

Cressi Atelier Riga, Latvia

Underwater safety consists of the skills of both a diver and a freediver, as well as the quality of the equipment. It is always better to take care of your safety and get out professional scuba diving courses, use quality diving equipment, for example from the Italian (since 1946) manufacturer Cressi, Cressi Atelier exclusive product lines. Cressi diving and freediving, high-quality products are offered to certified diving amateurs and professionals, only in diving centers, which are able to appreciate the product's features, both product comfort and appearance.

PADI scuba diving trainer, instructor Valters recommends the Cressi Atelier diving equipment selected by divers, which is offered to divers in Riga and Latvia

  • Cressi MICHELANGELO - scuba diving computer
  • Cressi CARTESIO - scuba diving computer
  • Cressi T10-SC CROMO / GALAXY - breathing regulator
  • Cressi COMMANDER EVOLUTION - BC buoyancy vest
  • Cressi ZEUS - diving glasses
  • Cressi DESERT MAN DRY SUIT - diving suit
  • Cressi KIOWA CUSTOM - underwater hunting weapon

Order Cressi diving equipment by e-mail or WhatsApp

  • Order the diving equipment you are interested in by writing to e-mail info (at), WhatsApp 22077202.
  • We recommend ordering from a PADI instructor or choosing an authorized center to receive quality diving equipment with a guarantee.
  • Diving equipment, including balloons, a regulator and a life jacket, requires annual maintenance.