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Diving in Lake Juvera

Diving in Lake Juvera at a depth of 20 meters

Diving in Lake Juvera, which is 20 meters deep, together with the scuba diving club "Diving". In the courses we learn Advanced Open Water and Dry Suit diver exercises. Juveris (also Lake Juvera) is a public lake in the central part of Dzērbene Parish, Vecpiebalga District.
Diving in Lake Juvera
Thanks to successful cooperation with the owners of the nearby lands of the lake, we have dived several times, discovering more than 100-year-old underwater log structures, boulder piles, sunken vessels and fishing gear. During the diving, various underwater objects were discovered - a clay bowl, an unopened bottle of vodka and other long-sunk and forgotten things.
We learn how to dive deep, low temperatures of 7-16 degrees Celsius, and poor visibility in the water. Diving is a fun activity!
Divers of the diving club "Diving" learn new diving skills in Lake Juvera, this year the diving season is very active, we have visited Rum quarry in Estonia, Laukezeri in Jekabpils district, Radži reservoir in Jēkabpils district, Lake Ummja in Carnikava region, Saurai career and Dolomite quarry in Sloka!
Diving in Lake Juvera at a depth of 20 meters
A productive day of diver training with experienced divers. Thanks to the cool divers for joining and beautiful diving with us!

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