Underwater drilling works with hydraulic drill

Our company's underwater workers have completed an international commercial diving school in Norway. We perform various underwater commercial works in ports and berths, including assembly, concreting and underwater drilling works with an industrial, hydraulic impact drill throughout the territory of Latvia. We have worked in many Latvian ports and shipping berths. Hydraulic station requirements - 15-25 liters / minute with a working pressure of 80-140 BAR.

Technical capabilities of the submarine impact drill

  • Drilling in metal, wood or plastic
  • Impact drilling in concrete up to 28 mm in diameter
  • Drilling capacity - 300mm per minute (12mm drill)
  • Drill chuck standard - SDS-plus and standard toothed drill chuck 1.5-13 mm
  • Power supply - hydraulic power station 20 liters / min, 80-150 bar
  • Works in both above and underwater environments
  • Ability to quickly switch from impact drilling to conventional drilling
  • Works autonomously - it is possible to drill in places where electricity is not available

Underwater Hydraulic Rotary Hammer Drill SDS-plus use in Latvia

Drilling capacity in concrete 5-28 mm
Drilling capacity in concrete of medium hardness 12 mm = 34 cm3 / min = 300 mm / min
Optimum drilling capacity 12-20 mm
Drilling in steel with quick-release chuck 5-13 mm
Drilling in wood with quick-release chuck 5-30 mm

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