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Diving in the deepest lake in Latvia Drīdzis

Diving in the deepest lake in Latvia.

Drīdzis is the deepest lake in Latvia and the Baltics

The lake is located in the eastern part of Latvia - Latgale, near Krāslava, at the foot of Sauleskalns. It was formed during the ice age, moving to large icebergs. The maximum depth of the lake is -65 meters. The average depth of the lake is 15 meters. There are many (9) islands in the lake, the largest of which is Bernat Island. Lake Drīdzi and Lake Sīvers are connected by a small river called Dubna. The bottom of the lake is covered with sand and mud. Underwater visibility is from 2 to 10 meters, depending on the season and weather conditions.

About diving in the deepest lake in Latvia

There is a convenient parking lot on the shore of the lake, entrance to the water is possible from the shore, from the pier or boat. Diving in the lake is suitable for both beginners (With Open Water Diver qualifications) and professional divers (Advanced Open Water Diver, Deep Diver, Tec Diver) due to its different possible depths. It is possible to study in the lake Dry Suit, Underwater Navigation, Diver Propulsion Vehicle knowledge and obtain a diver certificate.

Diving in the deepest lake in Latvia.
Diving in the deepest lake in Latvia.

How to Find Drugge Dive Sites

Various diving sites have been created in Lake Drīdža, for example, to plan the first lobe for 15 meters, where there is a tunnel about 15 meters long, a shield with holes - for training, and a sunken object - a car, which is loved by a swarm of tears.

For the second time you can dive to 6 meters and see the ancient wooden carts. A platform for training beginners at a depth of 3 meters has been created. The lake is home to pike, freshwater herring, roach, perch, tench, bream and large crayfish. Every year there is a competition for underwater hunting in Drīdzī. In the winter season, ice diving can be combined with downhill skiing in Sauleskalns.

Can you do technical diving in Lake Drīdzis

When diving from the shore you can easily dive to a depth of 42 meters, to get deeper, up to 65 meters - it is necessary to use a boat. Lake Drīdzis is well suited for recreational diving and is a good place to do diving in Latvia.

You can apply for diving and diving training in Lake Drīdža using the contact form, here.

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