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Cold baths for beginners

Cold baths for beginners

Diving instructor Valters Preimanis, whose job is diving training, cools his body with cold baths in winter and cold weather, as well as brings diving club athletes who want to harden their bodies into the cold world. Frequently asked questions about cold baths.

What you need to know before a cold bath?

When you start and later practice cold baths, you will definitely find friends and like-minded people, it will help to promote this process and hardening together is much more interesting. In order to inspire people to take a cold bath, which some feel like a new world, instructor Valters Preimanis has prepared the following articles:

Cold baths for beginners
Cold baths for beginners

Beginner's questions and answers about cold baths

  • How regularly do you do winter swimming? Instructor:In the winter I go to the cold baths once a week, I listen to my body.
  • When was the last time you swam? Instructor: I swim often, do it In the pin water reservoir and at sea at the mouth of the Lielupe, I usually look at the weather forecast so that there is no strong wind, ideally when the sun is shining.
  • Can I join? I want to understand at least a couple of times what needs to be done correctly? Instructor: Yes, you can join during the winter, write a Facebook message and talk time.
  • Ever wanted to ask if your body can't cool down much in the beginning? Instructor: In the first lessons should not exceed 1-2 minutes in the water, for 30 seconds a beginner is fine. The body gradually gets used to it and the comfortable time increases.
  • I'm not particularly hardened, I don't really like cold showers, I think better in a body of water. Instructor: If a person is morally prepared and determined, then it is possible that the conditions of an outdoor water body will be more suitable for him.
  • When do cold baths take place? Instructor: Cold baths take place when there is ice. If the ice runs out then we swim to temper in the summer, wait for the first chills and then come out.
  • Do you do scuba diving too? Instructor: Yes, I teach diving, more about the different courses can be viewed on this page diving courses, usually people start with a diving course, Open water diver.
  • Do you have diving equipment? Instructor: Yes, I teach diving, we have diving equipment for all sizes of diving training.
  • What to take to a cold bath? Instructor: For all water lessons, take a hat, which we wear after the water, rubber slippers, swimming trunks and a towel. Cold baths will end in April, or when the water is above +5 degrees. Then began diving training, which takes place on weekends and can also be on weekdays.

How to apply for a cold bath?

  • How to apply? Instructor: Look near your place of residence, there are many groups of winter swimmers in Latvia, where you can find like-minded people, for example Seals - or winter swimmers, in which people ore and share their experiences.
  • If you are in Babite and want a winter swim with an instructor, you can contact me by writing a Facebook message Valteram Preimanim.