A certified civil engineer performs a visual survey of bridges with photo fixation and an opinion

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Certified civil engineer, in partnership with an underwater works company SIA Dronelab, performs a visual inspection of bridges with photo-fixation and an opinion with notes on detected defects, extent of defects and their connections. A team of professional divers is engaged to survey the underwater part, which takes photos, films and measurements.

Certified structural engineer in visual inspection of bridges

A certified civil engineer is a professional specialist who has obtained a specific certificate or license that proves his qualifications in the construction industry. Such an engineer is authorized to carry out various construction projects, including site surveying, evaluation and research.

Ltd. Dronelab offers to carry out a visual survey of bridges using photo fixation. This process involves both the diver and underwater drone use to carry out accurate and detailed survey of bridges under water. Such technology can be useful for identifying potential defects or problems in bridges, as well as for assessing their technical condition.

Civil engineers from Ltd. Dronelab carry out a visual survey of the bridges, and then they prepare an opinion with detailed notes on the detected defects. This opinion may also include the extent of defects and their potential consequences. This would help bridge owners or managers to plan necessary repairs or maintenance to ensure the long-term and safe operation of bridges.

The involvement of certified structural engineers in such studies is essential, as they are qualified to assess the condition of construction structures and draw the necessary conclusions and recommendations. The use of drones allows for detailed images and data that might otherwise be difficult to achieve or time-consuming using other survey methods.

These types of services are important in the context of infrastructure maintenance and safety, and can help save time and resources by effectively monitoring bridges.

How to choose a certified structural engineer for visual inspection of bridges

There are several reasons that could be decisive when choosing a SIA Dronelab diver and its certified civil engineer for a visual survey of bridges. Here are ten reasons why you should choose this company and professional:

High qualification and certification:

SIA Dronelab offers services performed by a certified civil engineer, which guarantees high quality and professionalism.

Use of drone technology:

Using drones to survey bridges offers accurate and detailed data that might be difficult to achieve otherwise. This allows you to assess the position of objects from the air.

Efficiency and speed:

Drones enable surveys to be carried out quickly and efficiently, reducing the time and resources required compared to traditional methods.

Visual documentation:

Drones allow for high-resolution images and video that provide detailed visual documentation of bridge condition and defects.

Data analysis and interpretation:

A certified structural engineer can perform in-depth data analysis and interpretation to provide the client with accurate opinions on the condition of the bridges and the necessary measures.

Technical expertise:

A civil engineer is able to evaluate the engineering characteristics of bridges and identify potential problems that may be related to the structure or materials.


The use of drones mitigates the risks posed by the presence of humans in high or hard-to-reach places, ensuring safe and efficient research.

Customer reviews and reputation:

Before choosing, you can check the company's past work and customer reviews to ensure their reputation and professionalism.

Full range of services:

SIA Dronelab, offering not only drone surveying, but also the preparation of opinions with notes on defects, provides a full range of services.

Favorable price-quality ratio:

Although price is an important factor, it is also important to evaluate the quality of services and the values provided, and this is where a certified civil engineer from SIA Dronelab can offer a balanced solution.

Together, these reasons create the advantages of choosing SIA Dronelab and its certified civil engineer for visual inspection of bridges.

The role of the certified diver in the visual survey of bridges

Divers or floating vehicles with certified surveyors can be useful in the visual survey of bridges, especially if the bridges are over water or difficult to access from land. In these circumstances, the role of a certified diver may include the following functions and benefits:

Access to hard-to-reach places:

A diver can allow the survey team to access the bridge from the water side, which would otherwise be difficult or impossible to reach.

Safety and stability:

Using a certified diver ensures safety and stability, especially if the bridge is in an aquatic environment or other unstable areas.

Closer point of view:

The diver allows you to get a closer view of the bridge, which can be useful for identifying small defects or structural problems.

Obtaining data from hard-to-reach places:

A diver's equipment may include remote sensors, cameras, or other instruments that can capture images and data from locations that would otherwise be difficult to reach.

Water safety:

If the bridge goes over water, the diver can offer a safe platform to survey without compromising safety and eliminating potential risks to human life.

Inspection of floating structure:

Divers can also be useful when inspecting bridges that are themselves floating or include floating structures, such as bridges over rivers or lakes.

Mobility and speed:

Divers can be mobile and fast, allowing them to move quickly from one survey site to another.

Environmentally friendly technology:

Some divers may use environmentally friendly technologies to minimize environmental impact if bridges are located in nature reserves or other sensitive areas.

The use of certified divers in the visual survey of bridges can provide a more efficient and accurate survey, especially if the object is located in an aquatic environment or is difficult to access from land.

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