Follow the Youtube channel of the diving club "Diving" and get a new diving mask Cressi Focus!

Diving mask Cressi Focus

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Follow the Youtube channel of the diving club "Diving"
Follow the Youtube channel of the diving club "Diving"

Join the Youtube channel and win a new diving mask Cressi from the diving equipment online store

Diving mask Cressi Focus

Diving mask Cressi Focus

  • Diving mask with a small air capacity, for easier blowing out of the water
  • Designed and useful for light weather so as not to dazzle the eyes!

If you are looking for a diving mask that has been in demand in the product line for years and has proven itself as a universal and high-quality mask, then look no further. Focus is a traditional Cressi fighting horse and one of the most popular masks in the world. It is one of the first diving masks with sloping goggles, patented Cressi technology (US6272693).

Lightweight and compact, it has soft hypoallergenic silicone edges with a double rim, which ensures a great fit and a high level of comfort even after prolonged use. A small mask with a minimal distance to the lens of the eye provides a great field of vision in all directions.

  • The belt buckles are rotatable and easy to adjust.
  • The silicone strap mask has a widely spaced strap design for even distribution for improved fit and comfort.
  • It has easy access to one-handed nose pocket for ear straightening, which can be used even when wearing thick gloves. To protect the mask when not in use,
  • The Focus is equipped with a hard plastic protective mask box.
  • Graduated optical lenses can be mounted on the Focus.

The lottery of the mask ends in the summer around Midsummer!

To participate in the diving mask draw, join and send a message to daivingslv @ gmail.

Good luck! 😀🤿🏆

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