Underwater video operator courses

PADI Underwater Videographer

Who should learn to be an Underwater Videographer?

Video filming is the best way to preserve and pass on to others the underwater world of sight and dynamics. If you want to create the most beautiful video clips in the underwater world, then this course is for you.

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If you have Padi Open Water Diver certificate, then you can apply for the PADI Underwater Videographer course. You can also apply for the underwater operator course Junior Open Water Diver from the age of 10.

PADI Underwater Videographer

The Padi diver's instructor will tell you how to choose and take care of underwater video equipment, which can be both a professional underwater video camera "RED" in a special aluminum case, and a simpler underwater video camera "Gopro". During the training, the basics of underwater filming will be taught, such as exposure, sharpness, storytelling, filming of stages (sequencing). After immersion, you will learn the processes of making and editing underwater videos in one of the popular video making programs. At the end of the course, an international diver operator certificate "PADI Underwater Videographer" with a special identification number will be issued.

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Apply for the PADI Underwater Videographer course at the Dolomite Reservoir Sloka, and get a 10% discount when coming with a friend, here!