Diving in Venta hub in Kuldiga

Diving in the most unique places in Latvia. The underwater video in the Venta hub in Kuldiga was filmed several years ago. I decided to publish these documentary video footage, because in this way, I will probably draw more people to scuba diving, freediving and the interesting underwater world in Latvia. Video shows unique underwater shots from […]

Finding lost and drowned gold and jewelry with the help of a diver

Have you lost your jewels in the water? Don't lose hope! With the help of a diver, it is possible to find lost gold and jewelry even in deep water. How to search: Underwater search tips: Don't hesitate to contact a diver if you've lost your jewelry in the water. With professional help, you have […]

Diving in Norway

Diving in Norway, from 10 to 20 August, Averøya, recreation underwater, hunting or combined with diving training and underwater experience. Exploring the Viking Sea, the warm Norwegian coastline of the Norwegian Sea cliffs and the beautiful underwater world, shipwreck diving, along with the underwater […]

Diving in the Norwegian fjords

Diving in Norway, Norwegian fjords. August 21-31 Exploring the Viking Sea, the rocky coastline of the golf course and the beautiful underwater world, along with enjoying underwater gastronomic delicacies. Seafood for your table, scallops, crabs, etc. in nice company, together with a diving instructor. During the trip, under the guidance of an instructor, there will be an opportunity […]

Diving with Apollo 11 astronaut Buzu Aldrin

Age is not an obstacle to the popular underwater sport - diving. An interesting and knowledgeable scuba diver or buddy can make your visit to the underwater world even more interesting. Opportunity to get a unique and exotic diving buddy, and stay with astronaut Buzz Aldrin in the Cayman Islands for two days. Working together with an astronaut's favorite […]

White shark GeoCache

White Shark Anton is popular with GeoCache seekers

The white shark Anton is popular with GeoCache searchers, as evidenced by the entries on the GeoCache website. The white shark Antons can be seen in the film Christmas tree bouquet in Sloka, there is also a photo gallery. However, I recommend watching the shark with scuba diving training.

Daivings.lv Christmas tree

Divers celebrate the departure of the old year by the Christmas tree under water

Divers' portal Daivings.lv like-scuba divers celebrate the passing of the old year under water by a decorated Christmas tree. Certified scuba divers decided to delight themselves with scuba diving in extreme conditions on New Year's Eve. Sloka in a body of water that is a popular gathering place for divers, total […]