Diving with Apollo 11 astronaut Buzu Aldrin

Age is not an obstacle to the popular underwater sport - diving. An interesting and knowledgeable scuba diving companion, or buddy can make your visit to the underwater world even more interesting. Opportunity to get a unique and exotic diving buddyand stay with astronaut Buzz Aldrin in the Cayman Islands for two days. Anyone could apply for the astronaut's favorite sport - diving, at the recent charity auction organized by Buzz Aldrin's ShareSpace Foundation.

The Apollo 11 astronaut, who was born in 1930 and turned 86, has been involved in diving since the age of 26. The Apollo 11 astronaut, an engineer by profession, was one of the first 2 people to stand out and walk on the surface of the moon. The neutral position of the underwater world enjoyed by an underwater athlete is similar to the weightless state a person feels when an astronaut leaves the Earth's orbit. The former astronaut is also the author of many popular books and continues to write at an early age.

An astronaut in photos, doing his favorite underwater sport - diving.

Diving with Buzz5

Diving with Buzz2

Buzz Aldrin

Diving with Buzz4

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