Diving in Venta hub in Kuldiga

Diving in the most unique places in Latvia. The underwater video in the Venta hub in Kuldiga was filmed several years ago. I decided to publish these documentary video footage, because in this way, I will probably draw more people to scuba diving, freediving and the interesting underwater world in Latvia. The video shows unique underwater shots from the beautiful underwater part of Venta Rumba, which is usually hidden from the human eye because it is only accessible by scuba. The video shows the uniquely clear Venta, unusual underwater views, the dolomite walls of the Venta hub, tears, many tons of Venta water, which gassed from the Rumba and has dug a ~ 4 meter deep pit at the foot of the Rumba. The video was filmed in cooperation with Kuldiga divers. In order for this video to reach new divers, please "Time" and "Let's", we comment. Thanks friends who already do it regularly! With PADI Freediver diving training course, the ideal place for freestyle diving after learning the skills would be Ventas Rumba. If you have no experience in diving, then let 's start with Open Water Diver a course that is the basis and knowledge base for all future courses.

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