Finding lost and drowned gold and jewelry with the help of a diver

Have you lost your jewels in the water?

Don't lose hope! With the help of a diver, it is possible to find lost gold and jewelry even in deep water.

Underwater metal detector finding underwater search
Quick find and successful underwater search, an underwater metal detector in the hands of a skilled diver.

How the search works:

  1. Contact the diver: Look for an experienced diver with experience in finding lost items.
  2. Specify the exact location: Give the diver as much detail as possible about where the lost item is.
  3. Use the search tool: A diver can use a metal detector, underwater camera, and other tools to help locate a missing item.
  4. Customize your search strategy: The search strategy may vary depending on water depth, turbidity and other factors.
  5. Prepare for unexpected conditions: A diver can encounter a variety of conditions underwater, so it is important to be prepared for the unexpected.

Underwater search tips:

  • The more precisely you can specify the location of the lost item, the greater the chance of finding it.
  • If the item is lost in deep water, the search can be more complicated and time-consuming.
  • Search costs may vary depending on diver experience, search location and other factors.

Do not hesitate to contact a diver if you have lost jewelry in the water. With professional help, you have a better chance of getting your valuables back.

In the summer we receive calls and e-mails about lost and drowned jewelry, mobile phones, gopro cameras, and whenever possible, we do the recovery of valuable jewelry from the water at the customer's call. The search is usually carried out with the help of a diver and an underwater metal detector.

To successfully conduct an underwater search with a diver you need to know

  1. Place of disappearance (The more accurate the better)
  2. Soil composition (Sludge thickness 5-10 cm)

Some success stories of our scuba diving club in finding lost jewelry

  1. Gold ring found: The symbol of marriage that the young man had worn 10 years ago at his wedding. The wedding ring was an expensive item adorned with 22 precious stones and made of white gold. The ring was lost near Ungurmala, the guest house footbridge. The underwater search lasted 1.5 hours, in the diver's equipment, searching every possible place, when the air in the 10-liter, 200Bar cylinder was running out, the ring was found on the other side of the bridge. As the owner of the ring told, the friend gave a "High five", the ring came off his finger, hit the footbridge. Searching the indicated found that it fell 1.5 meters over the footbridge. It turned out that the ring was thrown over the footbridge and was about ~3 meters from where it was lost. During the search, ~kg of metal scraps - nails, screws and spanners - were found. The lost ring was returned to its owner.
  2. Gold ring found: The symbol of marriage that the young man Jānis had worn two weeks ago at his wedding. The ring was special because it was made from the gold things left by the ancestors. While swimming, the young man lost his ring, it slipped off his finger. With the help of a diver's hands and a metal detector, it was found in the backyard pond, 1-3 meters deep. The lost ring was returned to its owner.
  3. Gold chain found: which the young man had lost while swimming in the river, depth 1-2 meters. Searching the diver's equipment with a metal detector was made difficult by the concrete slabs, which had fittings. The background created by the fixture prevented the use of a metal detector in search operations. The bottom, all piles of stones were inspected visually and searched. A lost gold chain was found in one pile of stones, under water. Half an hour passed and it was in hand. Near Riga, the owner jumped into the river to cool off from the sun. He came out without his pride - a heavy gold chain. A diver helped find the drowned property. The lost jewel was returned to its owner.
  • The diver's call can be made by calling 22077202 or writing using the contact form, here
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