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Sloka's quarry will lower Nessia underwater

not bored

Today at 13 o'clock in Sloka quarry, which is a popular diving site, a unique underwater inhabitant - Nesija - will be launched.

not bored
not bored

This is a unique project of enthusiasts, the aim of which was to create a historical underwater warm-blooded animal plesiosaur counterpart. The image of Plesiouraura or Nesija is six meters long and 3.50 meters wide, but its draft weight will be about 300 kilograms.

The purpose of the beam is to draw attention to the inhabitants of the underwater fauna. After sinking, it will only be possible to see it above the water, because only the head and neck will be above the water, but scuba diving will require a full view.

This underwater animal was created by Bh2, a member of the Daivings.lv underwater enthusiasts forum, at his own expense, together with his supporters.

Nesija will be launched into the water at the popular diving site in Sloka, where it will join the copy of the White Shark, which was already sunk in 2009. Sloka is a popular place for diving, as it is located near Riga, where many scuba divers engage in diving in the summer season.

The underwater animal is built of fiberglass construction with metal and plastic construction parts. A mechanism is provided in the torso of the beam to allow the animal's head and neck to rise above the water.