Club "Diving" invites to the Baltic Sea diving wreck-safari

From April to October, there is a wreck diving season in the Baltic Sea. It has historically been established that more than a dozen ships have found their deaths in the territorial waters of the Latvian coast. Club "Diving" invites all interested to join the diving on the sunken ships of the Baltic Sea this season.

At the beginning of the 2009 season, the diving club "Diving" started cooperation with the safari ship "ELDORADO", and currently it is the only ship in Latvia that is fully equipped for the needs of divers.
“Wreck Diving” diving routes in the territorial waters of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Sweden have been developed.
Also this year we will organize a diver "Wreck Diver", a Baltic Sea wreck safari, the season is planned to open from June 1.
Technical characteristics of the vessel:
Length: 25 m.
Width: 4 m.
Draft: 1.7 m.
Average speed - 8 knots.
Crew 4 -5 people.
There are 4 cabins for 2 people and one cabin for 4 people (for a total of 12 people) on board. Two showers, two toilets, sauna, DVD, grill.
Two compressors, boat ZODIAK 30 HP, 12 steel cylinders with a capacity of 15 liters. It is possible to order NITROX, TRIMIX, O2.
ELDORADO freight is possible for one day or for a longer period of time. During the season, the home of the ship is Pāvilosta port (Latvia).

For more information on diving on sunken ships:
Phone: + 371 22077202 (Walter), or write contacts