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PADI OWD training in Latvia

Diver Training CourseOpen Water Diver, Frequently asked questions and answers about obtaining “Open Water Diver” or “OWD” courses and certificates in Latvia.


How many water lessons take place in the Open Water Diver course?

  • 5 classes take place in the pool or similar conditions
  • practical classes take place in open water
  • * there can be up to 3 lessons in one day

What do I need to get an Open Water Diver certificate?

  • Pass the knowledge test, which consists of 5 parts
  • Arrange practical classes in the pool and open water

What other documents need to be passed in the Open Water Diver course?

  • Before starting the course, you must be in good health or have a doctor's certificate of appropriate medical condition
  • Two forms of risk and liability and safe diving practices must be signed

What teaching materials should be used during the course

  • Book - PADI Open Water Diver manual
  • Watch the video tutorial - PADI Open Water Diver Video
  • Must use - PADI skill practice and dive planning slate
  • Log book

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Venue: Classroom, swimming pool and open water training.

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Please ask your questions about PADI OWD training in Latvia using contact form or call tel. 220-77-202.