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Diving in Raja's career

We have carried out scuba diving in the Rži quarry reservoir and surveyed it to assess the suitability of the lake for scuba diving.
The scuba diving club with a team of certified divers - divers - organized an organized dive in one of the most beautiful water bodies in Latvia, the Raju Dolomite Reservoir in Jekabpils. Recommended for Advanced Open Water diver, Open Water diver and higher certified divers led by club Diving instructors.
Let's look at DOLOMITE WALL, ROCK, UNDERWATER FOREST, STONES, maximum depth <20 meters. We study the clear water of the lake and the deep end of the quarry.
Diving in Raja's career in Jekabpils
Diving in Raja's career in Jekabpils
The lake also contains the Radži boulder, which weighs 220 tons, has a circumference of 19 m, and is the second largest boulder in Latvia, after the Great Stone of Nicgale. The reservoir is inhabited by: pike, carp, carp, pike-perch, catfish, bream, carp, perch and line. Prior to the construction of the quarry, there was an airfield at this location.
Diving in Raja's career in Jekabpils
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