Full Face Mask Diver

Diving with a full face mask allows you to breathe from your nose and mouth, as well as provides additional comfort in cooler water. The mask can also be equipped with communication tools that can be useful for various types of diving where communication is required.

Who uses full face underwater masks

Working divers, such as professional divers - fire and rescue service divers - use full face masks because they protect the eyes and nose from water pollution, provide comfort in cold water and allow communication. If you are interested in diving, for the rescue service, scientific diving or going in extremely cold water, learning to dive with a full face mask is definitely for you. Because full face masks allow you to breathe through your nose, they are also useful for those who find it difficult to use standard underwater masks. Diving with a full face mask offers a different experience, and that alone may be a reason to try it.

What is taught in a full face underwater mask course?

To register Full Face Mask Diver, full face underwater masks for a diver's course, you must have passed PADI Open Water Diver course.

There are several types of full face masks, so you will learn more about the different features and components of a full face mask in this course. After that you will learn how to prepare and learn diving techniques with a full face mask, learn how to perform proper maintenance. After several activities in the water, you will be taught how to comfortably use a mask and practice the necessary skills in preparation for scuba diving.

During two diving lessons in open water you will learn

  • All about the structure of the mask and the connections to the air supply cylinder
  • How to use and properly use a valve designed to be above water during operation
  • How to properly clean the water from the mask
  • How to properly use and store a full face mask
  • How to properly prepare and test your full face mask for diving
  • Make adjustments to your full face mask and get started
  • Respond to various simulated emergency situations when there is no air supply.

Benefits of using a full face underwater mask

  • Breathe easily with both mouth and nose
  • Fully protects the face
  • Improved air circulation
  • Convenient and prevents jaw fatigue
  • Does not limit vision
  • It is possible to talk under water

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