Motorboat for work, with a captain, is it possible to rent?

motorboat AVON Adventure 620 with engine 140hp

Apply for a motorboat rental, on this page (Work manager - "Dronelab" SIA, telephone tel. 220-77-202, e-mail: mail

What motorboats with a captain can be rented?

  • International waters motorboat AVON Adventure 620 with Yamaha 140hp engine. There is a car trailer, the boat can be taken anywhere. The boat can also be launched anywhere there is a slip, it weighs 806kg with the motor. Speed 32.94 kn. Number of people 8, lifting capacity, lifting capacity 3086 kg.
  • A motorboat can be used in the internal waters of Latvia, up to 3 km from the coast (Dulkan 370) with Mercury 5hp engine. There is a car trailer, the boat can be taken anywhere in Latvia. It is also possible to launch the boat (two people) practically anywhere, as it weighs 70 kg without a motor. Number of people in the boat -5, carrying capacity, carrying capacity 700 kg. Speed 10.4 kn.

Motorboats are intended for work, support of divers, underwater survey and support in various underwater works. The captain of our company has an “International Recreational Boat Master's License. (ICC) is a document required to operate sailing and motorized pleasure craft not exceeding 24 meters in length in inland waters, coastal waters, seas or navigational areas without restriction.”.

What kind of work is a motorboat with a captain used for?

We carry out technical underwater works, which includes underwater surveying, dock surveying, underwater searching, underwater repair and underwater cleaning. It is possible to carry out underwater technical searches (Underwater sonar, bathymetry, underwater side sonar, underwater multi-beam sonar, underwater magnetometer and underwater metal detector) and extraction works from water bodies.

What are RIBs?

RIB boat or rigid hull inflatable boat or powerboat, in the English sense Rigid-hulled inflatable boat, or RIB for short. The boat's low mass and good running characteristics are considered one of the main advantages of RIBs, which increase the practicality of operation. RIB boats will do just fine divingfor underwater work, various water sports, fishing and various special services on the water.

Work manager – "Dronelab" SIA, phone number tel. 220-77-202, e-mail: mail@