International Mermaid Day (March 29) “PADI Mermaid Course”

"PADI Mermaid Course"

International Mermaid Day is celebrated every year on March 29

Snorkeling and mermaiding are growing the worldwide community of underwater explorers. Starting as an underwater RPG by a small, passionate group of enthusiasts, scuba diving has become one of the fastest growing segments of diving. Borrowing from freediving, diving is its own form of breath-holding, emphasizing costume, underwater choreography and teamwork in elegant three-dimensional underwater "dances." Learn more about snorkeling with the PADI Mermaid Course.

Swallowing motion

This is news, because in previous years such activity was not observed under the surface of the water. Mermaiding has been likened to underwater dancing as it is about grace, form, costume and team interaction. It can be watched even by the uninitiated, so it is also performance art. While other forms of diving have artistic aspects and uses, diving is really the only art form that is an art form in itself. 🥳✌️🧜‍♀️

What is the PADI Mermaid Course

The PADI Mermaid™ course includes knowledge development and at least two water skills sessions that develop more dynamic mermaid skills beyond Basic Mermaid™, including many of the skills that make mermaiding an underwater art of self-expression that is distinct from other forms of diving. (Note that Basic Mermaid is included in the PADI Mermaid course, so you can start with PADI Mermaid - no need to learn Basic Mermaid separately.)

You must be at least ten years old to enroll in a PADI Mermaid course. You must be able to swim at least 50m/160ft without a swim aid, be able to comfortably surface for at least 5 minutes and be in good physical condition. As an entry-level mermaid diving course, no previous diving experience is required.

The mermaid movement is the kinship of humans with the ocean

Feeling the pull of the tides and wondering what lies beneath the waves in the depths of the sea? Then you'll love diving into International Mermaid Day and celebrating these mystical people! With its ancient roots and significance in cultures around the world. Mermaids continue to intrigue and enchant us to this day…

Depictions of strange creatures, half human, half fish, have been around for a long time. Thousands of years ago in the Babylonian period. While stories about these mysterious water dwellers first appeared in Assyria about 3,000 years ago.

Our modern idea of mermaids was heavily influenced by the sirens of ancient Greek mythology. Although originally conceived as half-woman, half-bird, these creatures were believed to possess many of the characteristics that have been associated with mermaids throughout the centuries. Enchanting beauty, celestial singing, the ability to control waves and wind, and a treacherous tendency to lure sailors to their deaths. Over time, it evolved into the half-woman, half-fish form we know now. Today, snorkeling is associated with learning a profession in special courses - "PADI Mermaid Course".

How to apply for the PADI Mermaid Course?

Apply for a course PADI Mermaid Courseusing contact form or by calling the phone number on the page. 🤿😀 If you are looking for diving advice or advice on the sport of scuba diving with or without balloons, call a PADI Diver Instructor (PADI diving instructor and lecturer in Latvia) t. 220-77-202 (Whatsapp 220-77-202).