Diving and scuba diving

Why start diving?

How deep was that last lobe? Were sharks visible? Were any treasures found? These and other questions are usually asked by divers when they return from a trip.

I can usually answer this: divers usually do not dive too deeply, sharks are not as dangerous as the media have published, and treasures do not need to be taken home for greater diving pleasure.

So why start diving at all?

So think about the moment you are in another world and look where you came from. It turns out that you have been on a small plot of land compared to the world of blue water. There are mountains and valleys, deserts and overcrowded cities on earth, but the most unusual places and living beings can only be found in the underwater world!

Next time you're on a plane, look at the clouds. We know very well what is beneath them, but the next time you look at the sea, imagine what unusual things and lives are beneath the surface of the water.

Diving is a form of underwater recreation, relaxation after strenuous work and, of course, a bit of adrenaline. You will be amazed at the new feelings. When you dive, you will have the opportunity to see the exotic flora and fauna of our planet, see the unusual colors and pristine beauty of the ocean. Welcome to the adventure!

If you have decided to try it - congratulations on your successful choice, because diving is a wonderful sport for everyone, and you will spend all the coming years in unusual adventures and unforgettable discoveries!