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Swimming pool for children and beginners

Dive with the club "DIVING" and help others to dive

We help low-income children and low-income families! Apply for an acquaintance if he is on a low income, dreams of water, but cannot afford to dive. We will train one person once a month and show this person the underwater world for free!  Apply for a free diving lesson for a low-income child or young person!

Children in Latvia, in the scuba diving club "Diving", learn scuba diving skills

  • Level 1 is from 10 years, Junior Open Water Diver;
  • Level 2 is from the age of 12, Advanced Open Water Diver, and receive an international certificate-  PADI Advanced Junior Open Water Diver.

Take part in creating a pool where you can learn diving for children and beginners

Diving club "Diving" in 2021 is committed to completing the pool for divers, children and beginners. Complete the training and 15% of your training price will be used to create a beginner pool. We are looking for helpers and necessary things for the creation of the pool, you have the opportunity to participate and support the creation of the diving pool with your participation, as well as it is possible to donate to the creation of the pool. Read more about the pool for kids and beginners here about the pool.

Swimming pool for children and beginners
Swimming pool for children and beginners

Apply for a free diving lesson here

  • Email info (a) daivings.lv
  • Call 220-77-202 Walter
  • Diving club "DIVING"