Take part in creating a pool where you can learn diving for children and beginners

Swimming pool for children and beginners

Diving club "Diving" is enthusiastic about completing the pool for children and beginners. The pool will be suitable for rehabilitation purposes. You have the opportunity to participate and support the creation of a diving pool with your participation, as well as it is possible to donate funds for the creation of the pool. Write to us (Valters Preimanis t.220-77-202) to help create a pool!

  • Every month we train to dive for free! Make an acquaintance free diving training, if he is on a low income, dreams of water but cannot afford to dive. We will train and show this person the underwater world about the donated funds once a month!

I dived Club "Diving" is looking for helpers and necessary things for creating a pool

You have the opportunity to participate and support the creation of a diving pool with your participation:

Children in Latvia, in the scuba diving club "Diving", learn scuba diving skills

  • Level 1 is from 10 years, Junior Open Water Diver;
  • Level 2 is from the age of 12, Advanced Open Water Diver, and receive an international certificate-  PADI Advanced Junior Open Water Diver.

I am looking for helpers for such a profession

  • -pool master
  • - welder, master with metal up to 4mm
  • -electrician
  • -plastic welder
  • carpenter, siding, for work with wood
  • - electrician
  • - pvc water system installer
  • -insulation foam applicator
  • - heating, filter master
  • - pool membrane applicator
  • -painter
  • -glazer

Looking for the following things, maybe you have, or know where to buy inexpensively

  • - wooden beams 30-40mm
  • -plywood 4-8mm, 30m2
  • -metal angles, 2-3 meters, 10-12 cm
  • -insulation materials, foam applicator
  • -Squared pipes 40-60mm
  • -pool pool filter
  • -pump
  • -50-60mm PVC pipes, fittings, taps
  • - air source heat pump
  • pool uw sheep
  • -electric box and switches
  • -electrical contacts, starters 12v and 220v
  • -skimmer
  • -pool swimming pool lighting
  • -pool pool liner
  • -pool stairs
  • -pool color
  • -thick, tempered, glued glass
  • - etc. Pool things

Calls and articles WHATSAPP 22 077 202

Let's finish the pool and dive 🇱🇻🙏🏼🐬

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