Diving and scuba diving

Drowned Iphone or gold wedding ring, what to do?

Invites divers, professional scuba divers from the diving club "Diving". We help people recover lost property from the underwater environment, in summer or winter! WhatsApp 220-77-202.

People call us often in the summer, hot weather invites people to the waters and a carefree holiday ends with drowning in worthwhile things! Let's help find drowned things! The most popular drowned things that people lose in Latvian waters:
  1. Gold wedding rings slip off your finger and disappear while swimming
  2. iPhone, Samsung and other manufacturers, models of mobile phones
  3. Apple Watch (Silicone Strap Releases)
  4. Gopro 8, 9, 10 cameras (Tear off camera mount)
  5. Smartwatches (Strap open)
  6. Boat engines (Get off the stern of the boat)
  7. Droni
  8. Propellers

Two iPhone owners recover their sunken belongings from the bottom of the Daugava with the help of divers!

 🤩🤿✅ A one-time, one-diving diver, looking at the Harbor, finds two iPhone phones and also money. Findings returned to property owners! Thanks to Mārtiņš and Valters! Whoever seeks finds it! WhatsApp 22 077 202
Congratulations to the best divers in Latvia with an excellent search job!🇱🇻🤿💙🐬

The gold wedding ring was found for the second time in Lake Ungura

The golden wedding ring sinks to the bottom of Lake Ungura, diver Valters Preimanis finds it and returns it to its owner, the marriage is saved. 💕 A diver finds another gold wedding ring a year later, lost by a young couple - the newlyweds, an almost incredible story, the underwater search is successful and the ring returns to the owner! 💕💕
The lovely couple Santa and Kristaps had been married for only a month and were resting on Lake Ungura in Cēsis district. Before driving from Cēsis to Riga, Kristaps decided to swim, the ring put on a month ago disappeared during the swim.
The gold wedding ring sinks to the bottom of the lake
The gold wedding ring sinks to the bottom of the lake

An Apple Watch falls while swimming in a backyard pond, a diver finds it with a metal detector

A report on what has been done in the underwater world. Underwater scuba diving, using a metal detector and knowledge honed in official archeological works, diver Valters Preimanis recovers the property of the submerged lost owners. Thank you for all the circumstances. Mob 220-77-202.

A diver finds an expensive sailing equipment and returns it to a team of female sailors.

We are at the sailing yacht berth, overlooking the port, we are often at this berth, every year we have to help people who did not manage to sink something by accident into the Daugava!

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