Interspiro Divator MKII full face mask

Divator MKII

Full face mask Divator (AGA) MKII and breathing valve

Mask Interspiro Divator (AGA) The MKII is equipped with an inner mask and separate inhalation and exhalation ducts that connect to the ducts in the breathing valve. This ensures that the inhaled and exhaled air will not be mixed.
During inhalation, air flows upwards from the breathing valve through the anti-fog seats, above the visor inside and further through the non-return valves in the inner mask. During exhalation, air is exhaled into the surrounding water through the exhalation valve.

Divator MKII

Full Face Mask Divator (AGA) MKII Components

  1. Membrane set
  2. Svira
  3. Sealing spring
  4. Sealing cone
  5. Connection nipple
  6. Check valve (two)
  7. Exhalation channel
  8. Exhalation valve
  9. Cover
  10. Sealing disc
  11. Release valve piston
  12. Check valve spring
  13. Balancing membrane

Full Face Mask Divator (AGA) MKII breathing valve operation

See image above:

  • When the diver inhales, the diaphragm assembly (1) is retracted and the lever (2) is depressed.
  • The lever lifts the sealing cone (4) from the valve seat to the connection nipple (5).
  • Breathing air can now flow through the inhalation channel and inner masks through check valves (6).
  • When the diver stops inhaling, the diaphragm set (1), lever (2) and sealing cone (4) return to their original position and the inlet is closed by the sealing spring (3).
  • When the diver exhales, air flows from the inner mask through the exhalation channel (7) and the exhalation valve (8) and lifts the sealing disc (10). This allows air to escape through the slots (9) on the lid to the surrounding water. The release valve mechanism serves as a safety valve for the first stage regulator, as the sealing cone opens automatically to 14-20 bar (203-290 psi) as the secondary pressure increases. This can happen, for example, if the regulator leaks.
  • In this case, the exhaust valve spring (12) no longer withstands the pressure on the central part of the balancing diaphragm (13). The back pressure piston is then pushed in and actuated so that the valve mechanism rises and pulls the sealing cone out of the valve seat. The air is then released until the pressure drops to about 10 bar or 145 psi. To prevent the breathing valve, there is a check valve (not shown) in the breathing channel to allow water to enter and reduce the risk of freezing.
  • The regulations state that breathing valves and face masks must be cleaned and disinfected regularly.
  • In addition, breathing valves and face masks used by more than one person should be cleaned. It must be disinfected after each use. The manufacturer interspiro recommends the most hygienic solution for individual breathing valves and face masks.

Who uses a full face underwater mask Divator MKII

Working divers, such as professional divers in the fire and rescue service, use full face masks because they protect their eyes and nose from the contaminants in the water, provide comfort in cold water and allow them to communicate. If you are interested in diving, for the rescue service, scientific diving or going in extremely cold water, learning to dive with a full face mask is definitely for you. Because full face masks allow you to breathe through your nose, they are also useful for those who find it difficult to use standard underwater masks. Diving with a full face mask offers a different experience, and that alone may be a reason to try it.

Divator MKII and Ocean Reef Neptune IDM
Diver full face masks Divator MKII Gray, Divator MKII Black DIVATOR Hatch and Ocean Reef Neptune IDM, diving club

What does the Divator MKII full face underwater mask course teach?

To register Full Face Mask Diver, full face underwater masks for a diver's course, you must have passed PADI Open Water Diver course. We teach with the diver's full face mask Divator MKII Gray, Divator MKII Black DIVATOR Hatch and Ocean Reef Neptune IDM.

There are several types of full face masks, so you will learn more about the different features and components of a full face mask in this course. After that you will learn how to prepare and learn diving techniques with a full face mask, learn how to perform proper maintenance. After several activities in the water, you will be taught how to comfortably use a mask and practice the necessary skills in preparation for scuba diving.

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