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Diving in Saurieši career

Diving in Saurieši quarry (Sauriešu parking lot 56.914321, 24.346352) is possible all year round, also in winter. In summer, the water does not heat the quarry, the depth of which in some places can reach a depth of up to 15 meters. Saurieši quarry is one of the few water reservoirs, where visibility in the water can reach 5 and more meters, which is a rarity near Riga. Saurieši quarry lakes are located in Riga district, in the administrative territory of Stopiņi parish. Its total area is 31.0 hectares. Saurieši gypsum quarry is the only gypsum quarry in the Baltics, which has been used since 1913 and where several reservoirs have now been established.

Diving divers, Sunset Quarry, August 15, 2007

The water in the depths of the Saurai quarry never warms up, in the depth it remains in the range of 6-8 degrees, although on the surface of the water it can reach 16-18 degrees. Saurai's quarry features a variety of underwater living creatures, such as crustaceans and fish.

Cancer lives in Saurry's career.

Saurai quarry has sunken trees and stone piles.

Saurai sunken trees

Historical Saurieši career aero company map from 1995


Map of modern Saurieši career aero company from 2015

Saurai quarry underwater photos from divers Diving albums. Scuba diving in Saurieši career is possible under the guidance of a diving instructor and guide, ask about the possibilities of this. It is possible to settle divers' organizations Padi OWD courses and obtain a diver certificate.

Saurieši quarry underwater sightseeing objects

To the right of the parking lot is a rock wall, until it has to float for about 3-5 minutes, and it is found at a depth of 5 meters. If a pit is needed, it can be found at an angle of 130 degrees, its depth is ~ 15 meters. The average quarry is ~ 12 meters deep. There is a car wreck, in order to meet it you have to dive to the right all the time, it occurs if you are at a depth of 8 meters and swim for 25 minutes. According to local stories, the quarry has a tractor and also the remains of buildings located on the former island.

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