Diving in the abandoned Rummu submarine prison in Estonia

Not far from the Estonian capital Tallinn is a unique place that will surprise both beginners and experienced divers, it is the Rummu submarine prison and quarry. In the old quarry there is a flooded prison, the prisoners of which were involved in the extraction of dolomite. Also, branches of Soviet factories functioned on the territory, performing various military orders of another state. In the past, these factories employed around 400 workers a day, but in the 1990s prisoners were forced to work in prison, production stopped and soon ceased altogether. The pump that drained the water from the quarry was shut down, flooding the buildings and structures.

Now this place is similar to a lake with fragments protruding above the water, but the most interesting is hidden under water. Only divers can fully enjoy the unusual scene of a flooded prison. You will be impressed by flooded houses, garages, warehouses, brick prison walls, covered with algae barbed wire. Here you can swim in the building without risk to life.

Particularly impressive are the night dives, during which the underwater scene is surreal, fantastic, simply indescribable. Diving into Rum's career will be a real adventure for every diver.

The maximum depth of the quarry is 14 meters, the water temperature in summer - about 20 degrees, so you can comfortably enjoy the underwater landscape even in wet costumes. The water in the quarry is very clean, with a blue tinge, the underwater visibility is about 20 meters, which allows you to see many underwater attractions. A visit to Rum's quarry can be successfully combined with a visit to other exciting places in Tallinn and nearby Estonian cities.

The cost of a diving trip to Rummu Underwater Prison
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Rum quarry is one of the most attractive diving sites in our region. How has it become an attractive point for divers? Historical evidence suggests that a Soviet prison was established here in 1938, then known as the Murru Prison. Next to it was a limestone quarry, which employed prisoners in this prison. With the restoration of Estonia's independence, work in the mines was halted in 1991 - with the shutdown of the water pumps, the quarry flooded rapidly and the former prison is now under water.

It is reported that the flooding was so rapid that not all units were transported to a safe distance - some of them are still under water. Scuba diving here is especially attractive due to the clear water, which is a very rare phenomenon in our region. Take a look at this underwater beauty with us!