EFR (Emergency First Response) certificate and instructor in Latvia

PADI Emergency First Response courses in Latvia

What is PADI Emergency First Response?

PADI Emergency First Response (EFR) is a first aid specialist taught by an EFR instructor in Latvia. This course is intended for learning first aid skills for both divers and non-divers. The course includes both theoretical lessons and practical exercises. After successfully passing the exam, an internationally recognized certificate is issued, certifying skills in providing first aid.

Are you ready to respond and help a person in distress?

An accident can happen at any time and place. Whether it's a burn, scrape, broken bone, or something more serious, it's important to know what to do. In the event of a serious medical emergency, every second is precious, and there is no time to consult the "doctor internet". With First Aid and CPR training from Emergency First Response (EFR), you'll gain the knowledge and skills to help someone in need and become a vital link in the chain of survival.

Gain confidence in care

Earn your CPR certification and learn the basics of first aid in a fun, stress-free learning environment. You'll practice bandaging, assessing illness and injury, and other essential skills that could save the life of someone you care about. Gain confidence in your abilities through hands-on practice and learn how to remember what to do in an emergency. Ask your EFR instructor about EFR training.

Where to apply to get diving-related EFR (Emergency First Response) in Latvia?

🤿😀 If you are looking for advice or help, call a PADI diving instructor t. 220-77-202 (Whatsapp 220-77-202) to find advice and engage in EFR (Emergency First Response) course training.