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From how many years can children start scuba diving in Latvia?

PADI MSDT instructor Valters Preimanis asks and answers to the diving club "Diving": From what years can children start scuba diving in Latvia? Children in Latvia learn scuba diving skills, Open Water Diver, 1st level is from 10 years old, No 12 […]

Dolomite quarry reservoir aerial photo

Diving Dolomite quarry reservoir

The lake, which has developed in the place of a quarry, is located in the district of Riga, in the territory of Jurmala. To reach the Dolomite quarry reservoir, on the way from Riga you have to spend ~ 25 minutes. To dive in the Dolomite quarry reservoir, you can use the parking lot at the Dolomite quarry, located after […]

Diving regulator maintenance

Diving equipment maintenance

Valters Preimanis, the instructor of the diving club "Diving", says about the maintenance of diving equipment, "Whether you dive every weekend or only on vacation, scuba diving equipment requires long-term, regular maintenance. With properly maintained equipment, you are more likely to be involved in safe diving and the equipment will do its job well. ”

Divemaster Liene Muzikante was engaged in ice diving, photo Valters Preimanis

Diving in autumn and winter in Latvian waters

Diving season in Latvia It is assumed that the scuba diving season in Latvian waters lasts from May to September and lasts for 5 months, the information is presented by Diving submarine club Diving coach Valters Preimanis. Scuba Diving Athletes - Enthusiasts Often With October […]

Diving equipment rental

Diving equipment rental

We offer to use diving equipment rental. In our warehouse there are various models and sizes of diving equipment wetsuits, regulators, diving computers and other diving equipment elements. All the rented equipment has been serviced and is in good technical condition, which guarantees you […]

Girls Zane and Evita share their first diving experience

Everything comes for the first time to dive Also on Friday night - in the underwater world. The motley company tries diving to a depth of six meters in one of the most popular places for divers in Latvia. The company was really variegated - for the first time in his life, Zane, who was born the famous sailor […]

Zemūdens niršana Kipra, Vidūsjūra

Sporta treniņu niršanas un atpūtas nometne Kipras salā Burvīgi vidusjūras daivsaiti. Daivinga ceļojums uz Kipru kopā ar latviešu daivinga instruktoru. Brauciens kopā ar PADI MSDT niršanas instruktoru Valteru un Latvijas zemūdens nirēju klubu “”. 10 ieniršanas, 5 dienas daivings, eskursijas […]

Malta Gozo zemūdens niršana no kuģīša

Niršana Gozo, Malta atsauksmes un kā pieteikties

Zemūdens niršana burvīgajā vidusjūrā Maltas salu grupa, Gozo salā, netālu no Āfrikas krastiem, katru gadu, kopā ar PADI niršanas instruktoru Valteru, pieteikties WhatsApp / Tel. 220-77-202.  Zemūdens niršana Maltā notiek Oktobra mēnesī. Programmā ieilpst unikāla zemūdens niršanas programma ar alām […]

Ar jahtu dodamies Gotlande- Ventspils

Jahtas pārdzīšana no Zviedrijas uz Latviju

Šai rakstā, Jahtas pārdzīšana pa jūru no Zviedrijas uz Latviju (275 Nm/ 509 km), aprakstīšu, kā latvieši pērk jahtas Zviedrijā un pārburā ar tām uz Latviju. Mūsu kaimiņos Zviedrijā, stikla škiedras jahtas nesezonā maksā pasakaini, tās ir iespējams nopirkt 1500-3000 […]

Divator MKII

Interspiro Divator MKII full face mask

Pilna sejas maska ​​Divator (AGA) MKII un elpošanas vārsts Maska Interspiro Divator (AGA) MKII ir aprīkota ar iekšējo masku un atsevišķiem ieelpošanas un izelpas kanāliem, kas savienojas ar kanāliem elpošanas vārstā. Tas nodrošina, ka ieelpošanas un izelpas gaiss netiks sajaukts. […]

Drowned Iphone or gold wedding ring, what to do?

Invites divers, professional scuba divers from the diving club "Diving". We help people recover lost property from the underwater environment, in summer or winter! WhatsApp 220-77-202. The hottest divers under water We call us often in the summer, hot weather calls people to the water and carefree […]

Open water diver, diving club

Diving licenses for tourist recreation

Diving licenses for tourist recreation in Crete Questions and answers about scuba diving have been prepared together with the diving club Diving, diving instructor Valters Preimanis. Usually people have many questions about scuba diving. You can also ask your question using the contact form. Consultation on […]

Yoga and diving

Surface diving and yoga are related activities, as breathing is important for living in both activities. You may remember the key phrase from your open water course, Open Diver, that the most important rule of diving is to "breathe constantly and never hold your breath", yogis […]