Lifeguard on the water: Safety on the water at your event

Rescue team from diving club "Daivings": offers lifeguard services at waterside events to ensure the safety of you and your guests. Our experienced lifeguards are trained in first aid and CPR and are equipped with everything necessary to respond quickly and efficiently to any emergency.

The leader of our rescue team, is professional rescue diver, diving coach, CPR training instructor who has received training and work experience at the Ministry of Interior, State Fire and Rescue Service.

Our salvage services include:

  • Deployment of lifeguards: We will provide a sufficient number of lifeguards for your event according to the number of participants and the specifics of the water body.
  • Patrolling: Our lifeguards will regularly patrol the water body to monitor swimmers and prevent accidents.
  • Rapid Response Team: We are always ready to respond immediately to any emergency situation.
  • Providing first aid: Our lifeguards are trained in first aid and CPR to provide quick and effective assistance to victims.
  • Rescue equipment: We have motor boats and rescue boats, life jackets, life rings and other rescue equipment.

Why choose Diving Club "Daivings"?

  • Experience: We have many years of experience in providing rescue services at water events.
  • Professionalism: Our lifeguards are trained and certified professionals.
  • Safety: Your safety and that of your guests is our priority.
  • Quick response: We are able to respond quickly and efficiently to any emergency situation.
  • Availability: We offer competitive prices and flexible services to meet your needs.

Key things a lifeguard should know on the water:

Education and Training:

  • Rescue Certificate: The lifeguard must be a certified lifeguard, certifying his ability to swim, provide first aid and perform rescue operations.
  • CPR training: A rescuer must be trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to provide life-saving assistance to victims.
  • Learning several swimming styles: A lifeguard must be able to swim in a variety of styles, including freestyle, breaststroke and butterfly.
  • Diving skills: In some cases, diving may be necessary to rescue victims from underwater.
  • First aid knowledge: The rescuer must be able to provide first aid for various injuries and illnesses.

Physical fitness:

  • In good physical shape: The rescuer must be in good physical shape to be able to swim for a long time and perform rescue operations.
  • Durability: A lifeguard must be tough enough to work long hours in difficult conditions.
  • Strong swimming skills: A lifeguard must be able to swim strongly in a variety of conditions.

Mental and emotional skills:

  • Strong communication skills: The rescuer must be able to communicate effectively with victims, other rescuers and emergency services.
  • Ability to work under pressure: A lifeguard must be able to remain calm and focused under stressful conditions.
  • Decision-making abilities: The rescuer must be able to make decisions quickly and efficiently in critical situations.
  • Team work skills: The lifeguard must be able to work effectively in a team with other lifeguards.
  • Empathy and Compassion: The rescuer must be able to understand and support the victims.

Additional skills:

  • Knowledge of local bodies of water: The lifeguard must be familiar with the body of water in which he is working, including its depth, currents and hazards.
  • Boating skills: In some cases, it may be necessary to steer a boat to rescue victims.
  • Skills for using a first aid kit: The rescuer must know how to use a first aid kit.
  • Skills in using rescue equipment: The lifeguard must know how to use lifesaving equipment, including lifejackets, lifebuoys and diving equipment.

To book lifeguard services for your event, please contact us:

Diving club "Daivings" - safety on the water in your hands!

Testimonials about lifeguard work from our clients


"I am very grateful to the rescuers for their quick and professional actions in rescuing my son. He had fallen into the water and was unable to swim out, but the rescuers reacted quickly and pulled him out of the water. They gave him first aid and made sure he was okay. I am sure my son would have drowned without the help of lifeguards. I highly recommend Diving club "Daivings" lifeguard services to anyone who might need them.”


“We decided to hire Diving club "Daivings" lifeguards for our summer party by the 25m pool. We are very satisfied with their work. They monitored the pool all day and took care of the safety of the swimmers. They were also very friendly and welcoming and the kids loved them. We will definitely hire them again next year!”


"I am a professional swimmer and often participate in competitions. Diving club "Daivings" lifeguards are always present at the competition and take care of our safety. They are very knowledgeable and experienced and I always feel safe knowing they are there if anything happens to me. I highly recommend their services to all athletes.”