Diving equipment rental

Diving equipment rental

We offer to use diving equipment rental. In our warehouse there are various models and sizes of diving equipment wetsuits, regulators, diving computers and other diving equipment elements. All the rented equipment has undergone technical maintenance and is in good technical condition, which guarantees you comfortable and safe diving.

Diving equipment rental
Diving equipment rental

Prices for scuba diving club members and other certified divers with a completed Open Water Diver course.

Cylinder from 5 liters to 15 liters / 200 bar EUR 10.00
Buoyancy Compensator (BCD) EUR 10.00
Regulators EUR 10.00
Diver's wetsuit EUR 10.00
Dry suit EUR 50.00
Fins EUR 5.00
Booties EUR 5.00
Mask with a tube EUR 10.00
Diver weight belt EUR 5.00
Gloves EUR 5.00
Flashlight (without batteries) EUR 5.00
Diver set for 24 hours EUR 35.00
Set for 7 days EUR 120.00
Diving computer for one day EUR 10.00
Compressor for 7 days
Equipment set for the weekend EUR 50.00
Underwater weapon (harpoon) EUR 15.00

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Order your diving equipment by writing to e-mail info (at) daivings.lv, WhatsApp 22077202. We recommend ordering from a PADI instructor or choosing an authorized center to receive quality diving equipment with a guarantee. Diving equipment, including balloons, a regulator and a life jacket, requires annual maintenance.