Girls Zane and Evita share their first diving experience

Everything comes for the first time to dive

Also on Friday night in the underwater world. The motley company tries diving to a depth of six meters in one of the most popular places for divers in Latvia.

The company was truly variegated

- For the first time in her life, Zane, who was born in the famous family of sailors, and Evita, who cannot swim, gave in to the joy of diving. "I can't put my head under the water in the bath already," when I realized what I had signed up for, I laughed at myself. An important message to swimmers: the lack of these skills is not an obstacle to diving! "At first, he will put on his equipment, put his head under the water, try to breathe through the" pipes "…" the possible scenario is conjured up by diving instructor Rolands. 

Upon receiving the encouraging message, the divers dressed

we urgently provide both diving instructors with such sensitive information about their height, weight and shoe size - so that diving instructors can provide beautiful fitting suits…

Diver-beginner diving equipment

In addition to the wetsuit, the novice diver's equipment includes a buoyancy compensator, a silicone mask with glass, a hat, booties, fins, a belt (for girls - 8 kg), and a breathing regulator. (The hardened divers are additionally armed with a compass, underwater flashlight, and even a diver's knife as needed.) diving schools In the care of instructors Walter, Roman and Roland, we are both "packed", there seems to be no way out.

Is the diver afraid of the water - "Isn't he afraid?"

"Aren't you afraid?" someone asks from the shore of Sloka quarry. "Of course it is," I didn't hide my first feelings, already in my chest in the water. Only later will I find out that as a non-swimmer, diving to the bottom of six meters will be one of the most impressive events in life.

Life live and learn!

Also breathe with a mask and regulator. Instructors initially recommend practicing in the shallows. When learning in hand, centimeter by centimeter and step by step we go deeper. Our goal is to achieve Nessia - a representation of the famous creature of Lake Lohnes from fiberglass. Along the way, we encounter other much smaller water creatures, including a precious pike, which slips past us in peace.

The underwater world in Sloka's quarry

With the underwater world, Slokas in the dolomite quarry, accustomed and Zane feels like a real fish, meanwhile I cling faithfully to the instructor 's shoulder. Water-digging experts admit that inexperienced people start catching the real kayak for the third or fourth time, when they have learned the skills to blow the mask under water and react to the pressure in the ears in time. The first steps on land are taken rudely, because what just happened to the vestibular apparatus was something completely new. "Just like after a stormy party in Old Riga," says Zane.

The most important question: will I dive again? Yes!

When the first impressions settled, we must admit: “It was great! Especially when you land, look at the water and realize that you were there, in the depths. They were only 5-6 meters, for the first time you don't need more. An impressive adventure that also gives a fresh breath to everyday life. In addition, a thorough calorie intake. Before and after I ate four donuts together, I usually barely deal with one. And most importantly, I overcome my fear of being under water! ”