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What is the difference between PADI Open Water Diver and Advanced Open Water?

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You may have heard that diving instructor mentions PADI Advanced Open Water (Advanced Open Water Diver) diver course, tells Valters Preimanis, diving club "DIVING”Instructor. You may have even thought about learning to dive and joining a diving course. But do you still think how AOWD the course is different from PADI Open Water Diver (OWD) course and what new things will you learn and experience? Next, I will explain how these diving courses differed.

What do the following letter combinations mean for diving - PADI, OWD, AOWD?

  • PADI - (Professional Association of Diving Instructors), in Latvian "Diving Instructor Professional Association ”.
  • OWD - (Open Water Diver), in Latvian "Open water diver
  • AOWD - (Advanced Open Water Diver), in Latvian "Extended open water diver
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Open Water Diver course training

PADI Open Water Diver, Open Water Diver Course: Learn to Dive

What's going on in the course, Open Water Diver?

You learn the basic skills needed for diving. During the course you will read, watch videos, take part in surveys and demonstrate the acquisition of basic scuba diving skills.

The diving course has the following parts:

The open water diver course consists of 3 main parts: knowledge development, limited water diving and / or open water diving. You can either complete the development of your knowledge online, or together with the Instructor (desktop, mobile or tablet), or in the classroom.

Why choose an Open Water Diver Course?

In the underwater world, the diver experiences some of life's most incredible experiences. We have listed many reasons to become a scuba diver, but basically an Open Water Diver course will allow you to become a certified diver who understands what you are doing.

Diving in the deepest lake in Latvia.
Diving in the deepest lake in Latvia

Advanced Open Diver, Extended open water diver course: go on diving adventures

What's going on in the course, Advanced Open Water Diver?

The "Extended Open Diver Course" is a continuation of the "Open Diver" diving course, which teaches new skills and knowledge to dive to a depth of 30 meters.

The extended open water diver course consists of five different diving adventures. Adventure diving focuses on a specific activity or skill in the underwater sphere - it is the first dive in a special diver course. There are many different diving options to choose from for your course, ask your PADI instructor for more Valteram Preimanim.

While you are taking the Advanced Open Water Diver Course, you will be accompanied by a professional diving instructor. He is ready to answer questions and help clarify techniques and learn new skills.

Diving courses, Extended open water diver are very different from the tutorials in your Open water diving course. Adventure diving is similar to regular diving, except that you focus on a specific diving specialty. The course of deep adventure diving includes diving deeper, between 18-30 meters. Underwater navigation adventure while diving you practice underwater navigation skills.

How to apply for training as an open water diver?

Contact the diving club "DIVING“Instructor, you. 220-77-202 to register for any of the above Open water diver diving programs. For more information on scuba diving training options, contact PADI instructor Walter Preiman.