A minesweeper wreck is highlighted on the Ventspils coast

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On the coast of Ventspils near the shipwreck izconstruction work of the host M. Rozenberg expedition with the best in Latvia diver Ž. Mackenu-Macken in the sametime blows up Ventspils coastal areaa German mine trawler 30 meters deepin the first place. After blasting the wreck along the dataken out of the sea and taken by ferry to customs from which scrap by rail delivered to Liepaja Tosmare factory over for melting. Ventspils coastal district, so even along the length of Miķeļbāks and Kolka many mines and ships are found in the seawhich, like shipwrecks, are very troublesomefishermen, as nets often catch onras.

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M. Rosenbergs for the presentation of wrecks mcompensation for fishermen, as well as without charges go to remove trapped nets. About 30 nautical miles from Ventspils 44 m in the depths is the one that sank in 1916 German light cruiser "Bremen", two torpedo boats and some aircraft base shipswho ran into the Russian expulsionsnām. These vessels will not be lifted yet because of the currentextremely difficult to operate at such depths.

A whole hour is needed for a diver landed there and no longer than an hourable to stay at this depth, with an hour passes again while the diver is up. In this depth there is complete darkness and work must be done on a specially designed spotlight. When working on a ship wreck blasting worksme, diver Ž. Mackens-Māķens novēthat fish and fish have left our coasts are now much smaller, as in previous years. Earlier, after the judgmentlarge floats on top most cod, eels and even redfish,
until now no longer coming out a good halffor the day. Holding on to shipwrecksa specific subspecies of fish which are very helpless. Ever the work of divers surprised someone very much a great redfish that looked at him diligently and several times even looked directly into the eyes.

Also big cod is quite curious and shaken it behind water several timessleeveless dress sleeves. Last week the diver released the fishing nets, which were caught behind the mine anchors at Tinyhorn and Staldzene. Every morning, unless there is calm sea, diver with a motorboat "Ella ”goes to work and returns late in the evening.

Although diver Z. Mackens-MaKen is a strong man with a great chest buildup and a healthy heart, however when he returns home he feels very tired, because usually spend 10 to 10 days under water 14 hours.

Ventas Balss, No.95 (24.08.1939)