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Diving Gozo, Malta reviews and how to apply

Malta Gozo scuba diving

Diving in the charming Mediterranean Sea A group of Maltese islands off the coast of Africa, Gozo, yearly, together with Walter, a PADI diving instructor, log on to whatsapp / tel. 220-77-202. Scuba diving in Malta takes place in October.

The program includes a unique scuba diving program with caves and wrecks, 10 dives + night diving, apply for next season!

Malta Gozo, diving in caves
Diving from Gozo
Malta Gozo diving on the wrecks of sunken ships at a depth of 20-50 meters


Malta, Gozo divers' trip includes

  • Direct flight Riga - Malta - Riga (Less than 3.5 hours by air)
  • Transfer by bus and ferry Malta Airport - Island of Gozo - Malta Airport
  • Accommodation in apartments with pool
  • Transport to the diving center and diving places
Malta Gozo 4 wrecks, 35-45 meters deep

Diving program Malta, Gozo, 10 dives, 2-3 dives a day

  • Inspection of underwater caves in the program
  • Underwater nature and fauna viewing
  • Explore the island of Gozo
  • For those interested, daily yoga classes
  • Can pass PADI specializations AOWD, Deep Diver, Wreck Diver, Night Diver, Enriched Air
  • The water in Malta in October is one of the clearest and warmest in the world.
  • Lovers of active recreation will enjoy diving up to a depth of 40 meters.
Malta Gozo dive sites

Malta is a small island nation in southern Europe, in the central Mediterranean on an archipelago of five islands. Three of them are inhabited - Malta (the largest island), Audeza or Gozo and Kemnuna or Comino.
Malta has a subtropical Mediterranean climate, with very warm winters and even hotter summers. The warmest month is August, when the temperature reaches up to 34 ° C during the day and up to 24 ° C at night.

Traveler impressions of Malta, Gozo Divers Event

Divers of Gozo, Malta Tour 2021

Juris: Thanks to Walter and Gint for introducing us to the world of the sea

Aigars: Thank you for the new diving experience, for the fun company and it was a pleasure to meet everyone!

Special thanks to Ruslan for maintaining our home activities and taking them to the most beautiful places. 😜 Thanks to Jurčik and Katja for good starvation and community.

Jekaterina: Thanks to Valters for organizing and successfully leading the diving trip!

I got a lot of new underwater impressions, it was a great pleasure to spend time with all of you. Special thanks to my hungry for friendship both at sea and on land 🙃

Paula: Thank you for an exciting week of diving and relaxation in Gozo!

It was really cool! Water baptism passed! 🤗 Here are some photo and video moments I captured!

Ruslan: I want to say thank you to everyone!
Valters Preimanis About the initiative to go to Gozo and who I got a place in this event 🧢 Ruslan about being the bookkeeper of our house 📝
Kristaps, Ernests, Vaga, Alvis, Aigars, Ruslans for men's solidarity! 💪🏻 Very good and organized team. A lot of you learned. For cooking - special thanks, boys

Gozo travelers enjoy the sunset. Photo by Ernest.