Underwater technical works

Technical safety diver in Latvia

Technical safety diver

If you are looking for a professional safety diver in Latvia for your filming project, you are in the right place. We, the largest scuba diving center "Daivings.lv" in Latvia, and our diving instructor, also a professional operator and PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer as a safety diver.

Specialized diving services for film and TV companies

We are a fully equipped team of trained diving professionals with your filming team, support team and background members.

Technical safety diver
Technical safety diver

Safety divers and diving technicians use a variety of underwater work, both at sea and in freshwater, using scuba diving equipment. Underwater technical works includes safety diver work, work for the filming team, stuntman, construction and repair of foundations and other underwater structures, underwater wells and other underwater services.

To work as a safety diver in Latvia

We are also teaching new safety divers. The Public Safety Diver PADI course gives you a solid foundation on which to build and teaches both surface and underwater skills you may need at work. We also have a diving team PADI Platinum Class Elite Instructor.

PADI Elite Instructor Award

We have successfully worked with government agencies, CNN, Bacardi, Discovery Network, National Geographic, Volkswagon, Volvo and many, many others. It's all in the budget, in the crews and in the stories we created with you. Let's face it, after 15 years of diving practice, we will show you how we can offer something new.

Safety diving practice in Latvia

Underwater diving center "Daivings.lv" combines a selection of diving industry professionals and recognized talents in underwater films and television. Our mission is to provide you with the tools and talents you need in the time and budget you need, and to deliver tangible results for any underwater filming project you can think of.

Safety diving for filming

We supply diving teams of any size, design and build a stage set, acquire ships and develop complete scuba diving sites, all tailored to your specific needs and demands. We can also act on consultations, providing you with qualified diving and professional experts when you need them for any underwater project.

Filming a production support team means your tasks go on and you have the professional diving team, accessories and local experience you need to get the job done. We also have a budget-oriented staff and a relaxed attitude towards long-term cooperation. Diving center "Daivings.lv" is our main business, and we take our work seriously.

Book your professional safety diver in Latvia by phone / WhatsApp 22077202.

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