Underwater survey of ships

Underwater survey of ships

The specialists of our company have many years of experience in underwater inspection of ships and berths. For example, our underwater specialists have developed a new technology inspection of underwater objects using an underwater autonomous apparatus.

Underwater inspection of berths

Quay inspection during the works the underwater part of the berth is inspected, the whole ongoing work process is filmed and the customer can watch the inspection process on the screen, the result of the work is recorded on a data carrier.

Inspection of the underwater part of ships

Divers can often complete the task, and it is ideal to mention all the circumstances during which the damage occurred when applying for underwater work. Inspections due to their thoroughness and detailed record keeping, not to mention the speed at which inspections can be carried out, are becoming an important part of ship documentation. It is desirable to report inspections in good time, which is necessary due to the increasing number of ships that need to be inspected.

The company's divers inspect the underwater parts of the ships, the customer receives the work with the following detailed descriptions of the results together with photo and / or video materials.

When damage is detected, during the underwater inspection of ships, the company's specialists perform damage prevention works to eliminate ship damage. We quickly clean the propellers of boats and yachts.

Underwater survey of ships

  1. removal of unwinding objects in the propeller-steering complex;
  2. replacement of various underwater devices;
  3. cleaning and replacement of underwater devices;
  4. propeller cleaning, grinding and polishing;
  5. we perform the detection and highlighting of torn anchors.
Underwater survey of ships
Underwater survey of ships

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