Professions with adrenaline

As the bathing season approached, an event took place for 6th and 8th grade students of Ilguciems Secondary School ”Professions with adrenaline”2, in which they met with professional diver Walter Preiman.

During the event, the student learned about both job prospects and learning opportunities for divers. The discovery for young people was a diving park Slokas in his career, the existence of which they did not know. The young people were captivated by Walter's stories from the diver's experience, the opportunity to see the diver's equipment and the tying of the Bowline knot, as evidenced by the crowd of questions and the students who did not want to leave the meeting room after the lesson.

The event took place within the framework of the project No. / 16 / I / 001 “Career support for learners in general and vocational education institutions” (PVA 3713).