Private diving lessons for little diving enthusiasts

Private lessons for children and young people in the pool with experienced children's diving instructor Valter, tel. 220–77–202

Born to dive - Children and youth diving practice in the pool

Welcome to our diving school "Daivings", where we offer not only adults, but also young diving enthusiasts and young people exciting and safe private lessons in the pool. We are sure that the diving experience offered to children and young people not only develops their skills in the underwater world, but also provides unforgettable emotions and adventures.

Private diving lessons for little diving enthusiasts

Why choose private diving lessons for children and young people?

A safe introduction to diving

Our experienced instructors are specially trained to work with children and young people, providing a safe and friendly environment. Private lessons allow you to individually adjust the learning pace, according to the skill level and comfort zone of each child or young person.

Exciting diving with a friend

Private lessons in the pool are a great opportunity for children and young people to share the experience with a friend or family member. This shared experience not only strengthens the mutual bond, but also promotes teamwork and mutual support in the underwater world.

Diving as an excellent means of physical and mental development

Diving helps children develop both physical and mental skills. It promotes good physical fitness, coordination, and concentration, ensuring a healthy and active lifestyle.

Private diving lessons for little diving enthusiasts

Private lessons with a friend, unforgettable underwater adventures

Our professional diving instructors will teach children to enjoy weightlessness and teach them how to breathe properly in water

Our instructors are not only certified professionals, but also enthusiasts who have experience working with children and young people. They understand how to make the diving experience exciting, safe and suitable for every age group.

Fun under the surface of the water: games, play and learning

We create a learning environment that incorporates play and play to ensure a positive underwater experience. Children have the opportunity to learn the basics of diving, participate in games and tasks, and thus develop their skills.

Safety always comes first

In our school, safety is the No. 1 goal. Instructors ensure that children and young people learn about safety rules and proper behavior underwater. Each class begins with a safety briefing so everyone is prepared and informed.

Private diving lessons for new diving enthusiasts

Apply for diving practice for children and young people

If your child or young person is interested in diving, join us for an underwater adventure. We invite you to contact us to book a private lesson or learn more about the possibilities we offer.

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