PADI divers' specialties and courses

On this page you will learn all about PADI diving specialties, learn about basic diving courses in sports and recreational diving, you can PADI Organization of Professional Diving Instructors diving courses.

We employ a number of high-level PADI certified instructors who teach both training of individual divers, though training of children of divers, both training and conducting teen divers corporate underwater training. We also offer specialized training for scuba divers for various organizations, according to a special training program.

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Diving specialty  Purpose of the specialty Diving
Deep Diver specialty Plan and dive to a depth of 40 meters to view deeper objects. 4 times
Digital Underwater
Photographer specialty
Properly shoot, auto / manual mode, how to choose a composition in underwater conditions. 1-2 times
Diver Propulsion
Vehicle (DPV) Diver specialty
Drive a diver, how to plan a dive, how to work in a team.  2 times
Drift Diver specialty Use the current, plan your dive and see the underwater world in flight.  2 times
Dry Suit Diver specialty Immerse yourself in a diver's dry suit, manage buoyancy, safety equipment. 2 times
Enriched Air Diver specialty The elevated oxygen content of the cylinder prolongs the time in depth and the time without decompression. 2 times
Ice Diver specialty What does the underwater world look like under ice, extreme environment and safety equipment.  3 times
Night Diver specialty How to enter and leave the water, communication at night, necessary light sources, behavior of living creatures.  3 times
Peak Performance
Buoyancy specialty
Selection and placement of the amount of weights, which must be perfect buoyancy, reduction of air consumption.  2 times
Search & Recovery
Diver specialty
Planning techniques, types of underwater object search using a compass or natural objects, use of take-off bags and other technologies.  4 times
Sidemount Diving specialty Sidemount acquisition of equipment, strengthening of skills, use of breathing regulators, underwater change and control of breathing mixture.  3 times
Wreck Diver specialty Safety equipment and navigation, types of wreck inspections, use of rope, muddy mitigation.  4 times
Underwater Photographer specialty Choice of photographic equipment, methods for obtaining good shots, principles of good photo composition, practical techniques for obtaining better companies.  2 times
Underwater Videographer specialty How to take care of underwater filming equipment. Basics of video filming theory, exposition, focus points, storytelling, types of video editing.  3 times
Navigator specialty
Measuring distance underwater, using a compass and making turns, marking a sunken object, creating an underwater map.  3 times
Naturalist specialty
Grouping of underwater living creatures, underwater plant, food chain relationships. View of the underwater environment on various organisms and their roles in the environment.  2 times
Project AWARE
Specialist specialty
Human impact on the aquatic world and the coastal zone, changes in fishing over time, how to protect the underwater world.  –

Specialty certification requirements during training are to spend at least 20 minutes underwater and reach a depth of 5 meters and more.

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