Measure "On water safety"

Water safety measure

Event "On safety on water", Lielvārde, near the Daugava

The event was attended by several services, such as Jaunsardze, Jumprava Red Cross Operational Unit, Municipal Police, diving club "Diving", which provided information to residents about safety on the water.

The event was attended by services that provided information to the public in an interesting way. Lecture on safety on the water, Educational and practical course in first aid, visitors were encouraged to ride in the operational boats of the Municipal Police. Underwater diving club "DAIVINGS", its representative Māris Binde demonstrated diving equipment and told about how to use diving equipment, about the best diving places in Latvia and about diving certificates, diving training courses that can be taken under the guidance of PADI diving instructor Valteras Preimanis;

What happened in Lielvārde yacht port

An event "On Safety on the Water" is taking place on Skolas Street, Lielvārde.

Event time: from 12:00 - 14:00;

The event was open to:

  • An exploratory lecture on safety on the water by L. Greenberg, the senior inspector of the ONPP, namely, what to know if someone is overheated in the sun, how to behave in the water or ride a boat, as well as give other useful advice; (ONPP will provide visitors with information about the daily work of the municipal police and the opportunity to get acquainted with emergency vehicles)
  • Youth guard - young people will tell from their experience about various security measures, what situations they have had to get into and how to act; The youth guard also organizes various sports activities for visitors;
  • Educational and practical course in first aid - Jumprava Red Cross Operational Unit;
  • Diving club DIVING, its representative Maris demonstrated diving equipment and told about diving equipment and diving courses;
  • The ONPP will invite visitors to ride the ONPP operating boats;
    A small quiz is also planned, namely some express questions about things you need to know when you are near water. Of course, incentive prizes for the most resourceful.

Water safety measure

For safety while swimming

There are several tips for people who are learning to swim. The main condition is to swim when the water is up to the shoulders and neck. Diving courses can be studied by people who do not know how to swim well. Diving takes place in a pool and then in an open area, scuba diving increases people's awareness of water, increases a person's physical condition and endurance, as well as reduces the risk of drowning.

Statistics show that young and reckless men and children are the most likely to drown. A study by the Latvian Swimming Federation found that although Latvia is one of the richest countries in the world, the population's ability to swim is under every criticism.

"About 30% are those we can assume they can swim. If we were to call on them to prove these skills, that percentage would fall further. If we compare it with the Scandinavian countries, where around 80% people can swim, we are in a very bad position. This is the most important factor why there is such a tragic situation with the drowning number, ”says the President of the Latvian Swimming Federation.