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How to care for a diving and diving mask, five useful tips?

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Diving club "Daivings.lv" recommends five useful tips on how to take care of a diving and diving mask.

Does the maintenance of diving equipment affect the safety of diving, we ask Walter Preiman, a PADI instructor at the diving club "Diving"? 

Just as you take care of your car's regular maintenance, you also need to meet the maintenance deadlines for your diving equipment. Timely maintenance and monitoring of diver equipment reduces the risk of incidents and injuries, protect your investment in equipment, and take timely action. maintenance of diving equipment, approved by the diving instructor Valters Preimanis.

What to do before you go diving with a diving mask

  • If you have not replaced the original silicone strap of the diving mask with an elastic neoprene strap, check it carefully before you go diving - that the silicone strap has not cracked somewhere. If at least one small crack is found, replace the strap immediately. Cracks in the silicone strap of the diving mask can lead to rupture of the strap during the lobe.
  • The silicone frame of the diving mask should also be inspected. It should be noted that this is one of the most problematic places in the mask. If the frame of the mask is damaged - water can be placed during the mask lobe. It should also be remembered that the longer you use the mask, the more likely it is that the silicone frame will be damaged.
  • Also check the attachments of the scuba mask for breaks, tears, or debris. Inspect the mask frame for signs of wear, especially in areas adjacent to the mask glass.

What to do after diving with a freediving or scuba mask?

  • After diving, rinse the mask with warm, clean water and allow it to dry completely before placing it in the place provided.
  • Pack the mask carefully so that it does not squeeze. Especially if diving is not planned for a long time afterwards. Take special care not to bend the silicone frame of the mask - if the mask is not used for a long time, such folds in the silicone shell may take an irreversible shape and water may enter these areas during diving.

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