What are professional underwater thickness gauges for commercial divers

For professional divers accurate and reliable ultrasonic underwater thickness measurement instruments and software are required for various purposes such as metal thickness inspection, maintenance and repair of underwater structures, ships and pipelines. Some of the most popular in Latvia of the underwater diving company Dronelab SIA, professional brands of underwater thickness gauge tools and software for divers include:

  • Olympus — The Olympus Handheld Underwater Thickness Gauge is designed to accurately and reliably measure metal thickness underwater. The brand offers different models suitable for different applications such as diving, offshore and marine industries.
  • Cygnus – Cygnus is known for its ultrasonic thickness gauges that can measure thickness through coatings and underwater. The gauges are designed to withstand the harsh underwater environment and provide accurate and reliable results.
  • Tritex – Tritex provides a range of ultrasonic thickness gauges suitable for underwater measurements. The brand's gauges are compact, portable and easy to use, making them ideal for divers working in tight spaces.
  • Sonatest – Sonatest offers ultrasonic thickness gauges that can accurately and quickly measure thickness underwater. The brand's gauges are designed to be user-friendly, making them a great option for divers with no experience using ultrasonic gauges.

When comparing brands such as Cygnus and Tritex, it is important to consider factors such as accuracy, reliability, durability, ease of use and compatibility with other equipment. Both brands offer high quality products trusted by diving professionals.

Two of the most popular ultrasonic thickness gauges are Cygnus and Tritex

Cygnus is a UK based company offering a range of underwater thickness gauges including the Cygnus 1 Intrinsically Safe, Cygnus 4+ Multi-Mode Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge and the Cygnus DIVE Mk2.

Tritex is a UK based company offering the Tritex Multigauge 5700, Tritex Multigauge 5800 and Tritex Multigauge 6000. These gauges are designed to provide accurate thickness measurements in a variety of subsea environments.

How ultrasound technology works in the underwater environment

Both Cygnus and Tritex use ultrasonic technology for their subsea thickness measurement instruments. Ultrasonic waves are sent through the material being measured and the time it takes for the waves to bounce is used to determine the thickness of the material.

One of the main differences between the two brands is that Cygnus gauges are generally considered to be robust and long-lasting, making them a popular choice in marine and subsea environments. Tritex gauges, on the other hand, are known for their ease of use and user-friendly interface.

The apparatus of the underwater diving company Dronelab SIA
Measuring device of the company Dronelab SIA

In terms of software, both brands offer powerful and intuitive data analysis and reporting software. Cygnus uses its own CygLink software, while Tritex offers Multigauge 5 software.

Overall, both Cygnus and Tritex are well-respected brands in subsea thickness measurement tools and software. The choice between the two ultimately depends on the specific needs and requirements of the user.

How an ultrasonic thickness gauge works

The Cygnus DIVE Underwater Gauge is a handheld ultrasonic thickness gauge specifically designed for underwater metal thickness measurement. The device uses multi-echo technology to provide accurate measurements through coatings up to 20 mm thick without removing the coating or the probe from the surface.

The device is powered by a diver and powered by a rechargeable battery. It features a bright OLED display that can be easily read underwater and has an intuitive user interface for easy operation.

Measuring device of the company Dronelab SIA

To take measurements, the diver places the probe on the metal surface and activates the measuring device. The device emits an ultrasound pulse that travels through the metal and reflects off the opposite side. The time it takes for the pulse to travel through the metal is measured and used to calculate the thickness of the metal.

Display of the measuring device of the company Dronelab SIA
Display of the measuring device of the company Dronelab SIA

The Cygnus DIVE underwater meter is designed to work in the harshest underwater conditions and is designed for a depth of 300 meters. The device is also equipped with an A-scan display mode, which allows the diver to see the echo pattern of the material being measured, which can be used to identify possible defects in the material.

Other popular brands of underwater thickness gauges for professional divers include Tritex and SubC Imaging.

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